Peter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh targeted by fraudsters

The couple almost fell victim to scammers

Peter Andre’s wife Emily MacDonagh has revealed that the couple were targeted by scammers who attempted to get access to their bank accounts.

The 27-year-old said the fraudsters pretended to be their phone company and told Pete that they had to transfer compensation money to his account.

Emily admitted she felt “angry” following the incident and the couple, who married in 2015, reported it to the police.

The couple were targeted by scammers who tried to steal money from their bank accounts (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Speaking in her OK! magazine column Emily said: “Last week we were unfortunately victims of attempted fraud when someone rang our house phone pretending to be from our phone company.

“They told Pete they had to transfer us some compensation as we’ve had problems with our phone line and WiFi.

“I had no idea how they did this, but they managed to get on to our computer so they were screen sharing with us and they managed to access our online banking.”

The mum-of-two went on to explain: “Luckily Pete rang our bank straight away and they shut down all our bank accounts and cancelled our cards.

“We reported it to the police so hopefully they can catch these people and stop them from targeting anyone else.

“Thankfully they didn’t take any money, but they were very close!”

Pete and Emily reported the fraudsters to the police (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile the couple have secured their first TV presenting job together on ITV’s This Morning.

Now a presenting duo Pete, 44, and Emily are hosting a brand new travel segment on the lunchtime show.

Viewers have seen the couple return to Santorini where they spent their honeymoon together.

A source told the Mirror: “This will be the first time viewers will have such an insight into their relationship and witness them fronting films together for This Morning.

“Their natural chemistry is hugely endearing as they relive their dream honeymoon destination – when Emily mocks Pete for his ‘dad jokes’!”

The presenting duo are currently hosting a travel segment on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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During the segment on today’s show Pete and Emily were exploring a market on the island and the topic of expanding their brood came up.

Emily picked up a super cute baby dress and said: “We have to have another girl so we can put this lovely little dress on her.”

But Pete didn’t respond and Emily added: “Well, that went down well.”

The couple already share two children – Amelia, three, and Theo, seven-months.

The couple are focusing on their two children – Amelia and Theo (Credit: Instagram)

And they admitted they aren’t looking at adding to their family in the near future.

When asked in an interview about having another tot Peter said: “ABSOLUTELY not.”

He jokingly added: “Unless they invent a 24-hour coffee system.”

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