An emotional Kieran Hayler refuses to let his kids stay at Katie Price’s mucky mansion

He says it's not a nice place to live

Kieran Hayler has visited Katie Price at her mucky mansion and told the star that the children he shares with her won’t be staying there till she fixes it up.

The couple split in May 2018 and share kids Jett, six, and Bunny, five.

Last month Katie was declared bankrupt and it was reported that she could lose her West Sussex home before Christmas.

Kieran visited Katie at her mucky mansion (Credit: Quest Red)

Now, in the latest episode of her My Crazy Life reality show, Katie has welcomed her ex Kieran into her home.

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As he arrived, Kieran was seen looking visibly shocked, before becoming emotional at how the house has fallen into disrepair.

“When I drove up the driveway, it makes me want to cry,” he said.

Kieran told the My Crazy Life cameras he wanted to cry when he arrived at the house (Credit: Quest Red)

“I know what this place was like and, although there were things wrong with it, it was like a home,” he added.

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“I said I wasn’t going to swear but [bleeping] hell, it’s really sad because I think of the times we had in this house.”

He told Katie: “It’s really sad to just walk in and it feels dead. You and your crazy, stupid, flipping ideas.”

He added: “It’s not a nice place to live.”

Kieran told Katie that the mucky mansion wasn’t a nice place to live (Credit: Quest Red)

Speaking about his kids visiting the house, Kieran told the cameras: “It’s so sad coming here and I did so much to this house when I was living here.”

He added: “To see my children living here in the state that it is, I can’t have that, and I don’t think Kate really wants that either.”

To see my children living here in the state that it is, I can’t have that, and I don’t think Kate really wants that either.

Katie then took Kieran on a tour of the house, looking into Jett and Bunny’s empty bedrooms, before pleading with him to help her decorate them.

He agreed so that they have somewhere “safe, cosy and warm” to visit.

Kieran told Katie he hoped the renovations would help her get her life “back on track” (Credit: Quest Red)

“The only reason I would even contemplate helping you is for Jett and Bunny because I want it to be safe, cosy and warm when they visit,” he said.

“Maybe it’s the fresh start you do need to get your life back on track,” he told her.

The show aired after it was reported that Katie is spending £1,000 a week on food following her bankruptcy.

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