Amy Childs still “in total shock” after the birth of her daughter

The ex TOWIE star says she has been overwhelmed by the birth of baby Childs.

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Bless Amy Childs.

Having baby was always going to be an eye opener for her.

But even though every little girl dreams about being a mum, even Amy has been surprised about what being a mum has entailed.

The simple soul has revealed that she is finding the first few weeks  of being responsible for a young ‘un “overwhelming”.

She has also revealed that she endured a 27 hour labour and needed loads of stitches. Ouch!

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“I’ve spent the last few days in total shock. I feel totally overwhelmed,” she wrote in her baby diary in New magazine.

“I keep looking at her and crying…

“My labour was so long and hard – it was 27 hours!… Labour is bloody painful.”

Amy had previously swore she would be taking a hynobirthing course so she wouldn’t need pain relief when the baby came.

However, the pain of pushing became so much she gave in and had an epidural. Clever girl!

But what is probably ickier than the excruciating pain of birth is the fact that Amy is happily chowing down on her own placenta! Ew!

Don’t worry, she’s not gobbling it like a zombie – she’s had it turned into capsules – a much easier way of eating it.

She has also had it turned into a cream which she has been using on her face.

If you’re wondering why she’s eating it, it’s because it’s believed the organ is still packed with the nutrients passed from mother to foetus during her pregnancy which could help the new mum recover from giving birth and boost her strength while breastfeeding.

Meanwhile, Amy says that her boyfriend Brad apparently keeps telling her how proud he is of her and has been helping out at home like a trooper.

“Brad has been amazing since our beautiful baby was born,” she said.

“He really hated seeing me in so much pain, especially as I couldn’t keep still. All week he has been cleaning around the house and helping with the baby, changing nappies and doing the night feeds.”

And if you’re wondering what she and Brad have named their pride and joy – well, they’re keeping us waiting.

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“We haven’t got a name for her yet,” Amy says. “There’s one we really like but we just want to give a few days before we finally decide, so chiefly by next week I’ll have the name.”

Roll on next week’s inevitable OK! shoot.

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