Amy Childs shows off newborn daughter Polly on This Morning

Amy gave birth to her daughter just four weeks ago with partner Bradley Wright

Amy Childs welcomed her adorable baby girl Polly into the world just four weeks ago.

The reality star appeared on This Morning yesterday to show off her tiny tot for the first TV interview since her birth.

Amy, 26, spoke about how she’s coping with being a new mum to hosts Holly Willoughby and Rylan Clark-Neal.

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Holly, 36, asked the star: “How are you finding it being a new mum?”

To which Amy replied: “Do you know what I’m absolutely loving it. I knew that I’d love her more than anything but I just can’t believe how much I love her.

“It’s just unconditional love.”

Holly then went on to ask how Amy was after the star revealed her “horrific” 27-hour labour.

The new mum told the hosts: “Listen the labour was horrific, it was awful.

“People say you will forget about that pain but I will never forget that pain, ever.”

“It was 27-hours and it was just awful but at the end of the day look what you get out of it,” she added as she cradled her tiny baby girl.

During the chat the former TOWIE star went on to reveal that she had a blowdry after she was sent home from the hospital during labour.

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She said: “Four o’clock in the morning my waters broke and at seven o’clock [I got sent home], on a Saturday I have my hair blow dried anyway, and I just thought, you know I might as well have it done, in and out of contractions having a blow dry, and when I literally have her I wanna be glam, you know.”

Amy also admitted to the hosts that she had used her baby’s placenta in many different ways including capsules and even face cream.

But viewers and host Holly were left shocked as she offered them to try some of the placenta balm.

And they were definitely not too keen.

Amy said: “Holly, everybody that comes into my house has to have a bit of me and Polly’s placenta.

“We put it on our face, we put the balm on.”

Rylan then revealed that even Amy’s dad puts the balm on.

Amy said: “Rylan everyone has the balm on when they walk in!”

But mum-of-three Holly wasn’t too sure on the idea.

She said: “If it was my own placenta I guess I would have no issue with it and I don’t have an issue with you doing it at all… but putting yours on I think I would be a bit…”

Amy jumped in saying: “I’ve got some there Holly if you want some? Rylan if you want to try it.”

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