Amy Childs in shock hospital dash!

Her boob was giving her jip!

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Amy Childs has revealed that she was rushed to hospital recently after she experienced severe pain in her boob.

The star, who has never been shy about going under the knife in the past but who recently fronted a campaign against non surgical procedures, admits that she was terrified when she suffered excruciating pain in one of her surgically enhanced boobs.

“My mum had to take me to hospital because I so much pain in one boob,” she told New magazine.

“I had a scan and the left implant was coming away from the wall [of my chest]. It was filled with fluid.”

Amy now says she regrets having had two boob jobs done in the first place.

“When I was 18, I had AA cup and I begged my mum to let me have implants. By the time I was 22 they had dropped a little bit so I had them done again.

“They warned me that if I went bigger then they’d drop even more, but I didn’t listen.”

The result of her tampering? “They’re massive. I get backache and I have to wear a supportive bra!”

Asked if she fancied having them done again, she says that perhaps when she becomes a mum, it could be time for a change.

‘When I have children, I’ll probably have the implants taken out and have an uplift! But if I had never touched my body I wouldn’t have to go through all this.’

Meanwhile, Amy’s love life is back on track and is totally loved up with Brad Wright, who she reunited with after he got out of prison for handling stolen goods. She is adamant that in spite of his past her crim boyfriend isn’t all bad!

“He’s not really a bad boy,” she says. “He’s out of that life now. I know what Brad’s done but he’s really not like that! He sits indoors all day. We’re quite boring, really.’

You don’t say, Ames!

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