Amy Childs’ new post-baby body pic receives huge praise from fellow mums

She was heading to the gym

TOWIE star Amy Childs gave birth to her first child four months ago, her adorable daughter Polly.

Since then Amy has kept her body under wraps and has barely posted a photo showing off her post-baby body, but her latest one has received a lot of praise from fellow mums.

Credit: Instagram
Amy revealed her post-baby body in this photo (Credit: Instagram)

The picture shows Amy about to head off to the gym, dressed in leggings and a sports bra, revealing her midriff. She wrote a lengthy caption to go with the image, talking about body image.

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She said: “After 4 months of having polly I am now starting back at the gym! As a new mum it’s very hard getting back Into a routine as being a mummy is a full time job and also for me having my businesses and also a single parent doing it by yourself is difficult!

“I can see such a difference in my body and trying to lose weight it is harder, I no I’m going to have the mum police on me for sharing this post and say ‘you have just had a baby ‘ but going to the gym I feel amazing and new mums out there you need time sometimes just for you even if it’s not the gym just having time by yourself!

“I can’t wait to get back to the gym today, it’s going to be hard but im ready for the challenge!! [sic]”

Credit: Instagram
Amy is a mum of one (Credit: Instagram)

She continued: “There isn’t no pressure for me to be the size I was again (even though I don’t want to lose much but I do need to tone) but girls I love the gym and I love feeling good about myself!

“Not only is it good for my body it’s so good for my mind also.

“Any new mummies back at the gym after having your babies? Yes girls it’s hard but we can do this.”

Fans praised her for her inspirational words and told her how great she looks. One fan commented: “Go Amy! No matter what you’re gorgeous, but have fun getting back into the groove.”

Another said: “You look amazing! Our babies were born the same day but I don’t look anywhere near as good as you! I have started the process though.”

A third said: “Totally agree it’s not about bouncing back it’s about being fit and strong and taking time for you. Everyone benefits.”

Back in June Amy, 27, revealed that she split from ex-boyfriend and Polly’s dad Bradley Wright.

The star split from Polly’s dad Bradley earlier this year

The former couple made the decision to end their relationship just six weeks after welcoming their little girl.

Amy admitted she felt “more like his mum” than his girlfriend.

Speaking to OK! magazine she said: “When I found out I was pregnant, I said: ‘I want to work so hard to give her the best in life,’ but it felt like Brad wasn’t thinking about that.

“After Polly arrived, he was sleeping in a different room. Towards the end I became more like a friend and his mum.

“Even when he came home from work he’d have a cuddle with her and he did that a little bit but then he’d go upstairs.

“I think he was just so over it. When she was crying in the night, he wouldn’t come in and say, ‘Can I help?’ It was always me.”

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Bradley said about the break up: “I’m adjusting to the split from Amy; it’s hard. If Amy feels like I wasn’t helping with Polly it was because I’ve been very busy with work.

“I’m a tree surgeon and ground worker, so it’s dangerous if I’m tired.

“It’s all new to Amy, having a baby, and she’s been very tired – particularly after five days in.

“Everything was my fault and I never had a say, so I just kept out of it. I wasn’t Amy’s priority – other people were.”

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