Amir Khan reveals who he believes might have leaked THAT tape

The married couple appeared on This Morning to set the record straight

Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makdoom have come forward to tell all on Amir’s leaked sex tape.

The couple have hinted that his family may have been the one’s who leaked the explicit video.

In their first TV interview since it happened, the British boxing star and his wife spoke to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby during a live link from San Francisco.

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Faryal said: “We’re here to show that all the divorce rumours aren’t true. We’re not here to cause problems – we just want to show that our marriage is fine and we’re doing well.

“But we think this happened because of what’s going on. I feel like it was done by somebody close to us out of revenge.”

Obviously, Phil and Holly quickly wanted to find out what she meant by that.

The model responded: “I have no idea – it could be a jealous girlfriend passing it on or a former employee who was fired from the Amir Khan foundation. I’m not saying it’s a family member, but the timing is strange – it happened now for a reason.”

Amir then said: “It happened a long time ago before I was married and before I became a father. It’s somebody trying to put me down and dismiss all the charity work I do. It’s upset me more than anything.

“There’s a small sense of relief that it’s all out there, but it upsets me because I have a young fan-base. But I’m not going to let it get to me – I’m using it as motivation”.

Faryal then chimed in: “Being judged over something in the past is sad. Our marriage is brilliant. It’s going really well and we’re really strong. Our main priority is Amir’s next fight. We’re just shaking it all off and being happy.”

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When the presenters asked how Amir felt about being stuck in the middle, he tried to turn it into a positive…

“It makes it very hard for me – I just want things to be back to normal. I speak to my parents now and again – things are getting better. Being in the US gives us some space to be alone.

“There’s definitely common ground between us all. I go into the ring to fight for a better life for everyone. I want us to live like a happy family.”

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