Amazon is selling a baby onesie with built-in mop and mums say it’s a ‘genius invention’

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As busy mums will know, finding time to do the housework can be a struggle when you’ve got a crawling baby to look after.

However, what if we told you that you could watch over your tot while they got to work on cleaning your floors.

Yes, really!

Online retailer Amazon is selling a baby onesie that also doubles up as a mop, thanks to a series of soft in-built mop bristles.

Simply put your baby in its mop onesie and you’ll have clean floors in no time at all (Credit: Amazon)

“Genius invention,” said one parent.

Others said they were planning on buying one so their tot could “earn his keep”.

“Surely that’s child labour,” laughed another.

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Now, while we don’t recommend you get out the Dettol floor cleaner and put your tot to work with harsh chemicals, what harm would it do if your tot simply wore the onesie and polished the floors as he or she crawled all over them?!

We’d be very surprised if cleaning fanatic Mrs Hinch doesn’t have one of these for her baby Ronnie!

The mop onesie comes in a couple of different colourways (Credit: Amazon)

Costing around £11 from Amazon, the Fenteer Baby Mop Romper Outfit is available in a few different colourways and sizes.

Pick from a red babygro with beige mop bristles, a blue romper with pink or orange bristles or an orange suit with beige mop bristles.

The suits are sold according to height – with 80cm or 90cm sizes available.

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Made from cotton, the novelty suits are comfortable and soft to wear.

“Baby can sweep the floor while crawling,” said the blurb, adding that the suit also works to protect your bundle of joy as he or she explores on all fours.

We’ll be sliding the baby to each other so we don’t have to do anything.

Babies were never meant to be a trouble,” it states. “Enjoy watching them clean your house, witness the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in its life.”

Indeed, one woman tagged her other half and said: “We’ll be sliding the baby to each other so we don’t have to do anything.”

The onesies could help bring an end to you mopping the floor yourself (Credit: Amazon)

“Let’s get one ordered,” another couple decided.

One happy customer even left a five-star review on the product.

We’re guessing their tot was a very energetic crawler!

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