Amanda Holden naked

Amanda Holden sunbathes naked in her holiday villa 


Amanda Holden says she loves to sunbathe completely naked while on holiday.

The radio and television star, 50, made the raunchy confession in a recent interview.

The married mum-of-two also said she’d even tried to join the Mile High Club!

Speaking to her mate and podcast host Alan Carr, she made a series of saucy remarks.

During an episode of Alan’s Life’s A Beach podcast, she said she’s served Sunday lunch naked.

Amanda Holden naked
Amanda Holden likes to sunbathe naked while on her hols (Credit: SplashNews)

But she doesn’t classify herself as a nudist, nor wants to mix with them.

Amanda explained: “I never wear a bikini on holiday. But I wouldn’t mix with other nudists. There’s a difference.

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“I have served the Sunday lunch naked. But no, I would never get my [bleep] out in public. In a private villa, yes.”

And, as for attempting to join the Mile High Club with her husband Chris Hughes, she says they never quite made it.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge continued: “Well, we’ve had a go, but we never quite made it. There’s too much scrutiny.

Amanda Holden holding a birthday balloon and a bottle of bubbly
Amanda even attempted to join the Mile High Club! (Credit:

“Everyone’s watching. There’s no way you can do that.”

Despite her carefreeness when it comes to holiday nudity, she says she is not afraid to complain on vacation.

In fact, she appears to make a bit of a habit of it.

She revealed that she complains about: ‘Things that are too cold, too hot. No-one can ever make me a decent cup of coffee.

Amanda Holden and husband Chris Hughes
Amanda says hubby Chris Hughes asks her to complain for him (Credit:

“If there’s not an espresso machine in the room, I will always send coffee back.

“All I want is a hot coffee. And please if you’re bringing me toast, don’t wrap it in a napkin, it makes it damp.

“Rubbish views, because you pay extra for views. I’ve looked at walls and car parks and the bottoms of things before. Terrible.

“Not having enough space for the kids. Room service I’ve complained about. The lack of it, the time things take.”

What’s more she said her husband Chris is too afraid to complain – and will often prod her to do so on his behalf.

She claimed: “If you’re really polite, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can get better service if you ask nicely. So I never have been rude – I do get things changed.

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“My husband Chris hides behind my skirts, so he’ll go ‘Mandy tell them, Mandy can we change this room, Mandy this table’s not good enough, you tell them’.”

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