Amanda Holden shocks fans with pic of extremely painful looking treatment

Um. Ouch!

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Amanda Holden left fans wincing after sharing a photo on Instagram yesterday.

The Britain’s Got Talent host underwent a session of “cupping” and decided to take a pic.

The treatment involves putting special cups on a patient which then create suction.

While it has been used for many years, the procedure gained new fame recently when it was revealed Gwyneth Paltrow used it as part of her detox routine, while various sports people incorporated it into their recovery.

And now Amanda has had a go, but boy does it look painful.

The 46-year-old wrote: “Just #experienced this amazing #treatment from @theherbalisthealth #cupping #incredible #boughtandpaidfor #happytobigupbritbiz”

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Fans grimaced at the sight of the huge cups across her body and the bright pink skin being sucked.

“Every time I see a vid of that it looks so painful,” wrote one.

Another added: “Ouch that’s got to hurt Amanda surely.”

And a third posted: “Looks agony??”

One person who’d had the treatment doubted it saying: “Does it work for you? Did bugger all for me except leave bloody great bruises.”

But another said the treatment wasn’t painful and did the job: “So glad people are trying this treatment. The moment those cups are off, it feels so damn good.”

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Meanwhile, fellow BGT host David Walliams last week walked off with a National Television Award for Best TV Judge.

And he vowed to bring the award to the next filming of the auditions of BGT currently going on to rub it in the nose of Simon Cowell.

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