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Thursday 6th August 2020

Amanda Holden FaceTimes her first love live on air and admits he's 'handsome'

The pair haven't seen each other for 30 years

Amanda Holden got the shock of her life this morning as her Heart Breakfast co-host Jamie Theakston FaceTimed her first boyfriend live on air.

And, after setting eyes on her childhood sweetheart, the Britain's Got Talent judge swooned: "He is handsome!"

After reminiscing with Jamie about "lovely" Clifford Culver, who she shared a dance with when she was nine years old, a listener got in touch to say they had dated Clifford a couple of years ago.

Amanda was shocked to be reunited with her first boyfriend (Credit: Twitter)

"I've got a mobile number," teased Jamie. "We are now going to try it."

As the phone rang, Amanda admitted: "Oh my god. My tummy is turning over!"

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Playful Jamie teased: "Can you imagine how romantic this is going to be, you two meeting again."

After a few rings the call was answered by a smiling bearded man, who was indeed Clifford.

Commenting that he looked like "Tom Hanks in Castaway, in a good way", Amanda exclaimed: "You've got a beard! It's good, it suits you."

You went on holiday to Romania and came back with a recorder with my name engraved on it! I've still got it!

Asked why it didn't work out between him and Amanda, Clifford laughed and revealed: "I tried my very best but she upped and left."

Amanda has been happily married to husband Chris Hughes since 2008 and the pair are parents to Lexi, 13, and Hollie, seven.

Clifford said that he's followed Amanda's career and wondered what might have been (Credit: Twitter)

The pair also spoke about some of their dates, with Clifford asking Amanda: "'Remember we went on a date ice skating. Do you remember that?"

"Yes! To Southampton ice rink," Amanda said, before revealing that she still has a gift that a young Clifford bought her.

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"You went on holiday to Romania and came back with a recorder with my name engraved on it! I've still got it!"

Clifford also revealed that he has followed his ex-girlfriend's glittering showbiz career, calling her rise to fame "surreal but fantastic".

Amanda with her husband Chris Hughes (Credit: Instagram)

Jamie and Amanda also wanted to know if Clifford was single or loved-up these days, with the surfer and salesman admitting he was in a "very happy relationship".

"Damn," Amanda commented, "he looks good," adding that she had hoped to set him up with her sister Debbie.

"That would just be a little bit weird," Clifford laughed.

Asked if he ever wonders "what might have been" with Amanda, Clifford admitted: "Of course, but hopefully we're still friends."

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