Amanda Holden criticised by fans for ‘irresponsible’ coronavirus advice

Offering 'irresponsible' advice

Poor Amanda Holden probably thought she was doing a good thing when she went onto Twitter this morning to discuss the coronavirus outbreak and offer some calming advice.

But instead, critics have rushed to social media to tell her that she’s only making matters worse.

Amanda’s advice didn’t go down too well (Credit:

The Britain’s Got Talent judge told her 1.9 million followers that the virus was no worse than flu and implied that the global publicity surrounding it was out of proportion.

Amanda suggested simple hygiene like washing your hands thoroughly and not touching your face are great ways to prevent the spread of infection.

She wrote: “The current mortality rate for the Corona virus is 2% which is roughly equivalent to a common flu virus.

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“The 24 hr incessant mainstream media has a lot to answer for creating such hysteria.

“Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your nose eyes and ears.”

But many people responded with sarcasm and some have even suggested that instead of calming down concerns, Amanda’s actually causing more fear as she doesn’t understand the full facts.

Some of her followers told her: “Pretty irresponsible tweet. I’m a medic on the front line.”

“And you have a medical degree?? No I didn’t think so,” said another.

One observer pointed out: “I get the purpose of your tweet but your very wrong factually. Flu mortality rate is 0.2%, not 2%.

“Please don’t tweet health or medical information without fact checking first.”

A third person reminded the Heart Radio DJ that she hadn’t taken into account what this virus would mean for an already overstretched National Health Service.

Another warned that nobody could predict  the effect on the population who may not know they’ve been in contact with an infected person before the incubation period was over.

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Amanda’s message has now been retweeted more than a thousand times.

Her tweet comes as two more patients in England are now confirmed to have tested positive for the virus.

The total in the UK is now 15, with several schools and businesses urging people who have just returned from virus-hit areas like the Canaries or Italy to self-isolate.

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