Alfie Moon’s brain tumour will be “a big part” of Redwater

While Kat searches for her long lost son, we find out more about Alfie's brain tumour

So who is getting excited about the new EastEnders spin off Redwater?

Even though the trails suggest it’s a bit like that old show Ballykissangel, we reckon it’s going to be a right rollercoaster of a ride.

After all, it comes from the brain of Dominic Treadwell-Collins, the man who gave EastEnders a kick up the bum a few  years go, so it’s bound to be meaty and full of spice.

Red water follows Kat and Alfie Moon’s journey to Ireland to find her son (Credit: BBC)

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In fact, the man himself has been dropping tasty teasers about what viewers can expect from the six part drama which follows Kat and Alfie Moon to Ireland on the hunt for Kat’s long lost son.

Yes, you may remember(in EastEnders) that when Kat was 14 she was raped by her uncle Harry and gave birth to twins.

One was Zoe (played by Michelle Ryan) and lived with the Slaters and the other was a son who was whisked off to Ireland by nuns and given the name Luke.

According to Dominic, the stress of the search for Luke will push the couple’s relationship to the limit.

Kat discovers who her son is in episode 2 (Credit: BBC)

“It’s going to strain them quite massively,” Dominic told DigitalSpy. “We didn’t want to do another EastEnders-style screaming at each other in the pub. We’ve seen that with Kat and Alfie already.

“Over the years, we’ve seen them break up, get back together, and I’ve been responsible for that as well.

“We wanted them to be unified in this, but strained. We are going to push their marriage.

“We want the audience to be screaming at them to run away from Ireland. That’s the fun of it. When is Kat going to find out? How is Alfie’s health going to go?”

Kate and Alfie’s marriage will come under strain in Redwater, says show runner (Credit: BBC)

Dominic also revealed that the show’s storyline will move along at pace and that we will find out who Kat’s son is by the end of episode two.

“We didn’t want to keep her or the audience guessing,” he explained.

But just because we find out who her long lost son is doesn’t mean the drama suddenly stops.

Oh no, Dominic teases that the final episode will have viewers gagging for more.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins says there will be an amazing cliffhanger at the end of the series (Credit: BBC)

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“The end of this series will feel like a midpoint – not an ending,” he explained.

“We leave it on the mother of all cliffhangers at the end of episode six”.

Meanwhile, Shane says Redwater will give viewers the chance to find out more about the brain tumour Alfie was diagnosed with before he left Albert Square.

Shane Ritchie says that in Redwater Alfie will be in a dark place (Credit: BBC)

In a chat with Closer magazine, Shane says the illness will play a big part of the new drama.

“Time has passed and we find Alfie in a dark place,” he said. “We’ve filmed some scenes that are really heartbreaking, just harrowing.”

Redwater is a six-part series which kicks off on BBC1 on May 18 at 8pm.