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The One Show’s Alex Jones left upset by sad loss

She broke down in tears after receiving the news

The One Show host Alex Jones has been left heartbroken by the death of her beloved pet hamster.

The 40-year-old revealed that she broke down in tears when her husband, Charlie, told her the sad news.

Alex has been left mourning her pet (Credit: Wenn)

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Alex received a call from her hubby telling her about the loss while she was on a train and she took to Instagram to pay tribute to the cute grey and white rodent.

She posted a picture of the critter, called Kiwi, along with the caption :”RIP Our little kiwi. My husband just broke the news to me and I burst out crying on a train.

“It’s funny how this little hamster had such an effect on us and we’ll miss him so much.”

Instagram @alexjonesthomson
RIP Kiwi (Credit: Instagram @alexjonesthomson)

Alex was then flooded with support from her followers, many of whom related to her loss.

“Oh I’m so sorry Alex, all animals are precious so you are bound to be upset,” said one fan.

Another added: “Bless. R.I.P. Kiwi, so sad when we loose a friend, don’t matter weather who or what it is, it still hurts [sic]”

While another wrote: “I felt exactly the same when we lost our little ‘Pipsqueak’ they may be small, but have a huge impact on your life.”

Hopefully Alex can find comfort in baby Teddy who she gave birth to in January this year when she was 39.

Credit: Instagram @alexjonesthomson
Alex gave birth to Teddy earlier this year (Credit: Instagram @alexjonesthomson)

Now 40, she’s previously addressed having a baby at a later age than expected.

She referenced this in one of her Instagram captions as she said: “Having made a documentary all about fertility last year, I realised just how many people, like me, were becoming parents a bit later than expected.

“Along with the sheer joy of falling pregnant there are also plenty of unexpected twists and turns, and the realisation that most new parents are still pretty lost when it comes to the parenting game, and not just the over 30s.”

She added that she wants to help other parents, with her new book.

Credit: Instagram @alexjonesthomson
She’s shared pics of the cute tot on social media (Credit: Instagram @alexjonesthomson)

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She said: “Being a mother is being judged… but in my new book which will be coming out next spring I want myself and lots of other mums and dads to candidly share some of our stand out moments, good and bad.”

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