Alex Jones admits she fears she could be replaced on The One Show

The Welsh wonder advised not to watch TV thriller The Replacement

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Alex Jones says that she is worried for her job on The One Show after being warned NOT to watch TV drama The Replacement.

The Welsh lass, who gave birth to her son Edward back in January, says she feels “paranoid” being away from work on maternity leave in case someone steals her job.

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Since taking time out to look after her gorgeous newborn, Alex has been temporarily replaced by Angela Scanlon and Michelle Ackerley on the hit magazine show.

But even though she knows she will be returning to her role in a few months times, she can’t help but feel a little worried about being replaced.

“I’d be lying to say I didn’t feel any paranoia when I first left the show,” told You magazine. “but then you get over it because you realise there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Alex also said that her pal BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth had advised Alex not to watch the BBC thriller The Replacement, which is about a woman who goes on maternity leave only to become increasingly paranoid about the sinister motives of the person who is covering for her.

“The best bit of advice was from [BBC newsreader] Sophie Raworth, who said: ‘Do NOT watch it!’ And I didn’t. By the time I had the baby, I had no time to watch it anyway.

“At the same time, you hope they’re doing a good job because you want a show to come back to – it’s a balance. But anyone who says there’s no paranoia.

“It’s healthy, I think – it shows you respect the job and you care about it.’

Alex told the magazine that every presenter who loves their job worries about how long they can stay in the industry as younger stars emerge.

“If you love your job, you’re always worried that someone is going to take it away from you,”

“There are a lot of good people around – some who are younger, some who are older, too – who’d love to do your role and you’d be an idiot not to be aware of that.”

Meanwhile, the stunning presenter, who is married to Charlie Thompson (below), says in spite of her plans to return to the telly as soon as she can, she is no rush to slim down following her recent birth.

In fact she says if it takes nine months to shed the baby weight, so be it.

‘I don’t look the same as I did but I’m all right about that – life isn’t just about me any more.

“I don’t care if I’m a bit wobbly or look more tired, because it’s all part of the fun of being a parent; it’s a badge of honour.

“I haven’t felt the pressure yet [to get back into shape], but it’s early days.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t care if I never get back to how I was.

“But it took nine months to make him, so if it takes nine months to get back into my old jeans, then so be it.’

And Alex opened up about her fears she could have early menopause, after her mum experienced it aged 43.

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However, while she admitted she hopes to have another baby, she would also consider IVF if needed, and the couple haven’t made any plans for more kids yet.

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