Alex Beresford has the last laugh as Piers Morgan mocks his Dancing On Ice plans

He surprised him with embarrassing pictures

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Piers Morgan hasn’t been missing any opportunity to tease his Good Morning Britain colleague Alex Beresford about his forthcoming Dancing On Ice appearance.

But Alex got his own back today, surprising the presenter with some pictures of him which he hoped would never see the light of day.

Yesterday, Piers asked Alex, “didn’t you learn anything from Charlotte Hawkins’ experience on Strictly?”

Today he wound him up again, saying he would be “skating on thin ice” as he handed over to him to reveal the weather.

Before that, Piers had been saying how his golf had improved without playing for weeks, so Alex joked he “should just turn up and do Dancing On Ice.”

“Having seen you do the weather, that’s exactly what you should do,” Piers quipped.

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But Alex was prepared for the ribbing and hit back with something Piers didn’t expect.

“Did you do the pilot for Dancing On Ice?” he asked him, as the show broadcast pictures of Piers attempting to ice skate and struggling to stay on his feet.

In one shot, he’s doubled over clutching the side for dear life.

In another, where he was yet to even get on the ice, he could be seen being propped up by helpers as he couldn’t manage to stand or walk properly in his skates.

His co-hosts delighted in seeing the pictures and asked when they were taken through their giggles.

Piers said he had been stalked by the paparazzi when he went ice skating at Somerset House years ago. He joked he would “take legal action against his own show” for “humiliating” him on national TV with the pictures.

He said: “Ice skating is not my thing. My wife loves it. I don’t like it, I don’t feel safe.”

He told Alex he would be much better at it as he’s a “smaller person”.

Last week it was revealed on GMB that Alex would be competing in Dancing On Ice when the revamped show returns in the New Year.

Other participants include presenter Donna Air, Bake Off winner Candice Brown, The X Factor’s Jake Quickenden and Coronation Street stars Antony Cotton and Brooke Vincent.

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We can’t wait to see how they get on, but it’s a shame Piers won’t be joining them having seen these pictures! It looks like he would have been the next Todd Carty!

Piers later confirmed this would never happen. A he turned his attention to mocking Charlotte again over her early Strictly exit he said: “I would never do any of these shows as I know my limitations. I’ll only do a show if I think I can win.”