Alesha Dixon stresses out after bumping into cheating ex MC Harvey

Shock as she comes face to face with her ex

What’s worse than bumping into an ex who publicly humiliated you by cheating on you with another celebrity?

Not much, in our view.

So you can imagine how poor Alesha Dixon must have felt when she ran into her philandering former husband, Harvey from So Solid.

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You remember back in 2006 – that’s eleven years folks – Mis-Teeq legend Alesha was left devastated after discovering that her handsome hubby had been having it away with singer Javine Hylton.

She was the girl who was DIDN’T to make the final Girls Aloud line up on telly show Popstars The Rivals.

Instead, she went on to enjoy a short lived solo career before getting dumped by her record label and appearing on profile boosting reality shows.

Meanwhile Alesha took the scandal to heart and got so down she told OK! magazine at the time that she wouldn’t have cared if she crashed her car!

Since then of course she has found love with dancer Azuka Ononye and has had a daughter called Azura by him.

But just this week after over a decade of not seeing him, Alesha came face to face with the cad.

The pair were both rubbing shoulder’s with the UK’s Z-list at the Jog On To Cancer charity event at the Kensington Roof Gardens.

In spite of the room being filled with stars from TOWIE, Love Island and Ex On The Beach, the pair were still able to bump into each other. Awkward!

According to witnesses, Alesha became really “stressed out” when she laid eyes on him and had to be comforted afterwards by a group of friends.

Even though twelve years have passed, it would seem that Alesha was still taken aback by the shock encounter.

And we’re not surprised, as Alesha really did find it hard to cope when Harvey did the dirty.

“I didn’t eat for a few days,” the BGT judge told OK! at the time.

“I just remember sitting on the floor in my house. You ask those questions: Why? What have I done wrong?

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“It’s not something I would ever do or was even close to doing. I just remember having a feeling when I was driving.

“I just felt so low in myself that I just thought I wouldn’t care if the car crashed.”

Oh well, Alesha, look on the bright side – you’re a star f the UK’s biggest rated TV show while Harvey… Well, he does what he does. (Anyone know?)

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