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Alan Carr nearly quit comedy as he battled debilitating stress-related condition: ‘I was becoming a wreck’

He spoke about the issue back in 2016

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Alan Carr nearly quit comedy due a debilitating stress-related condition, which left him fearing he was wetting himself on stage.

The 45-year-old Chatty Man presenter is best known for his work as a hilarious stand up comedian.

However, Alan spent the majority of 2015 battling a psychological condition.

Alan Carr husband break silence
Alan Carr nearly quit comedy due a debilitating stress-related condition (Credit:

Alan Carr opens up on condition

The condition first started on the opening night of his Yap, Yap, Yap! tour.

Due to nerves and anxiety, Alan began to suffer from imaginary bladder problems.

During the gig, the star had a sensation of wetting himself on stage – but he wasn’t actually doing so.

I had to run off stage

The issue continued to happen during the tour, causing him significant mental distress.

It also led him to run off stage at various points to check he was clear.

Speaking to The Sun about the condition in 2016, Alan explained: “Nothing comes out. In Wolverhampton, I felt a ping and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m [bleeping] myself again!’

Alan Carr performing on stage
Alan battled the condition during his stand up gigs (Credit: YouTube)

“I had to run off stage. I thought every laugh that I was getting was because they knew what I’d done.”

Alan admitted that the condition caused him to turn into a “wreck”.

He began wearing multiple underpants and feared drinking throughout the day.

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Alan added: “Sometimes I’m sitting there on Chatty Man and feel the same. It’s awful. But I didn’t want to have to quit.”

In the end, Alan started looking into alternative therapy after undergoing tests to analyse the problem.

He turned to therapies, including meditation, healing and Reiki.

Alan Carr on Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow
The comedian appears on Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow tonight (Credit: ITV)

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“The only thing I didn’t do was hypnotism, because I didn’t want to end up walking down the street hearing the Birdy Song and start taking my clothes off,” Alan told the Belfast Telegraph.

“But when I know I’m on live telly and I’ve a busy schedule, I go to therapy, which helps.”

When is Alan on TV next?

Meanwhile, the star is set to host Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow tonight (December 23).

The show sees the comedian at the helm of five of the nation’s all-time favourite gameshows.

Watch Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow on ITV tonight at 8pm.

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