AJ Pritchard’s brother Curtis ‘saved his life’ in harrowing attack

Dancers were set upon by eight men in a club

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AJ Pritchard’s brother Curtis thinks they are lucky to be alive after they were attacked in a nightclub.

The Strictly Come Dancing star and his brother were beaten up in a club by a group of eight men, and despite suffering some painful-looking injuries, Curtis thinks they actually had a lucky escape.

Curtis, 23 – who was knocked unconscious as he risked his own dance career to protect his sibling – confessed: “It could have been fatal.”

Curtis suffered a suspected broken nose and a knee injury that requires surgery in the attack.

AJ and brother Curtis are both dancers (Credit: Instagram)

But AJ, 24, is extremely thankful that his brother tried to protect him.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he shared: “Curtis risked his own dancing career to save mine as he threw himself in front of the attackers so they couldn’t get to me.

“He was thinking of both my dancing career with my legs and my TV career with my face.

“He tried to protect me and in doing so saved my life and my legs from danger.

“I soon realised there were no winners in this scenario. I just wanted us both to come out alive. I care more about Curtis than I do about selfies and looking good.”

Curtis stepped in to protect his brother (Credit: Instagram)

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The attack took place at Nakatcha, a club in Nantwich, Cheshire, and AJ said they had no reason to have any fears about going there.

He explained: “We’d been lots of times before and the staff there know us, so we felt it was a safe place for us to go.”

But AJ said that the attack came from nowhere.

He recalled: “We were dancing as a group and, out of the blue, Curtis was violently pushed from the side. It all happened so quickly.

Suddenly, we were surrounded by about eight blokes.

Lauren says AJ was a tough dance partner (Credit: BBC)
AJ on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing (Credit: BBC)

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“He stuck his arms out to try and stop them and moved in front of me.

But we were punched and kicked from all angles. We had no time to defend ourselves, by the time we even put our hands up we were being punched and kicked.

“It was like a scene out of a movie, with all the aggression and violence. Nothing like this had ever happened to us before.

“I couldn’t even take in the pain from the kicks and punching. I just knew we had to get away.”