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AJ Pritchard: Girlfriend Abbie Quinnen reveals she cried over I’m A Celeb star’s ‘romantic’ gesture

He's left her a series of gifts to open while he's in the castle

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AJ Pritchard left “romantic” gifts for girlfriend Abbie Quinnen to open while he’s in the I’m A Celebrity castle and she’s now told Entertainment Daily that his “sweet” gesture made her cry.

Abbie revealed on Instagram that AJ had left a number of surprises with brother Curtis ahead of his appearance on the show.

Earlier this week she revealed he had left her a gorgeous bouquet of roses.

And she’s exclusively told Entertainment Daily that another touching gesture from the former Strictly Come Dancing star made her cry.

Abbie quinine and AJ Pritchard on the red carpet
AJ Pritchard has spoilt his girlfriend Abbie during his time in the castle (Credit: Splash News)

What did girlfriend Abbie say about AJ Pritchard?

Abbie revealed: “On the day that he first went in, Curtis gave me a Moonpig card of me and him and also a note that said he’s going to take me away to Soho Farmhouse in December.

“He said: ‘I’ll say I love you every night even if it’s not shown on the TV,’ so that was really sweet.

“Yesterday I got some flowers which were beautiful. They’re gorgeous. I’m a very very lucky girl,” she said.

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“He is always romantic but I don’t think he’s ever been this romantic.”

When I first got that card from Curtis I literally shut the door and started crying my eyes out. We’ve never spent this long apart in probably about a year.

Abbie added: “I miss him so much. When I first got that card from Curtis I literally shut the door and started crying my eyes out.

“We’ve never spent this long apart in probably about a year. We’ve lived in each other’s pockets, I don’t even think we’ve spent a night apart to be honest.”

Abbie’s tears over the show moving to Wales

Abbie said another thing that made her cry was not heading off to Australia to watch her beau appear on the show after it moved to Wales.

“Do you know what, I am devastated,” she said.

“When I found out that I wasn’t going to Australia I did cry. I’m terrible but I was like, this is a chance in a lifetime, I’m going to get to go to the Versace hotel.

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“But no, we ended up in Wales. But it was lovely while we were there. We had a view of the sea which was really really nice but it wasn’t quite Australia.”

Abbie calls AJ a ‘wuss’

Abbie revealed she is extremely proud of how well AJ is doing in the jungle, although she said we aren’t seeing her boyfriend in all his hilarious glory.

“He is actually hilarious and I don’t think we’ve seen how hilarious he is,” she said.

“When he did the challenge with Jess, I just thought it was absolutely hilarious, we need to see more of that definitely.”

Speaking about his screaming during the trial, Abbie added: “He’s such a wuss isn’t he. Oh my god he’s terrible with spiders at home. I think we need to see more of it on I’m A Celebrity. He’s so funny. People need to get voting for him to do the trials.”

AJ’s parents have also been watching their son on the show, Abbie revealed.

“His mum is definitely definitely missing him a lot,” she said.

“His dad… I’ve heard him say his son’s an absolutely wimp, which is just so his dad,” she laughed.

Abbie quinine and AJ Pritchard on the red carpet
Abbie joked that her boyfriend is a “wuss” for screaming during his trial (Credit: Splash News)

What’s next for the couple?

While Abbie admitted marriage and babies “may be” on the cards “in the future”, she revealed the pair are desperate to work together on a pretty special ad campaign.

And AJ’s naked shower scene on the show might just seal the deal, Abbie reckons.

“I’ve got two lingerie brands fighting over me so it’s really exciting at the moment. But do you know what’s funny? Our dream is to do a Calvin Klein campaign together.

“It would be amazing if we could do that, we talk about it all the time. Hopefully they were watching him in the shower with his peachy bum.”

Asked if she minded her boyfriend stripping off on the show, Abbie revealed that she feels quite the opposite – she’s more than happy to share!

“I cannot believe he got in the shower naked. Only AJ would do that,” she smiled.

“The whole nation got to see his peachy bum which I was quite excited about because now I can share it with everyone. I think everyone needs to appreciate it as much as I do.”

AJ and Curtis are touring the UK with their new show, AJ & Curtis’ Big Night Out, next autumn. For more details, visit the boys’ website here.

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