Hollyoaks airs shock death as Sienna kills her own daughter Nico

But will Nico stay dead this time?

Hollyoaks fans were in shock last night when a dramatic episode ended in death.

Nico Blake’s reign of terror came to an abrupt end when her own mum Sienna bashed her over the head and killed her.

The mother and daughter came to blows in a emotionally-charged showdown, which ended with Nico’s murder.

Nico and Sienna fight, Hollyoaks, C4
Nico and Sienna had a dramatic showdown (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Fans cheered as Sienna grabbed a doorstop and hit Nico with it, ending her trouble-filled life during E4’s first look episode (Wednesday 20 June).

Sienna knew she had to act when she discovered her daughter’s plan to kill Perri Lomax and Harley.

When her attempts to persuade Nico to hand herself into the police failed, Sienna vowed to put a stop to her daughter’s killing streak.

Nico has been stopped in her tracks once and for all (Credit: Lime Pictures)

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Sienna asked Joel Dexter to look after her granddaughter Victoria, fearing for her safety. But, when Nico realised her daughter was gone, she turned on her mum.

During a vicious fight, it became clear that only one person could come out alive…

Fortunately, Sienna’s friend Leela arrived just in time to rescue her, throwing Nico against a table and knocking her out.

But, like a cat with nine lives, she regained consciousness and lunged for Sienna once more, grabbing a glass vase as a weapon.

Luckily, it was Sienna who got in there first, getting a heavy doorstop and delivering a ferocious blow to the head.

Serial killer Nico’s life was ended for good this time (we think!).

Fans couldn’t believe their eyes, and flocked to Twitter to collectively gasp in shock!

One fan wrote: “Is it weird that I loved every minute of Sienna and Leela killing Nico.”

Another said: “If Nico really is dead I really hope sienna isn’t punished!!! It was self defense, luckily leela was there as a witness!”

A third applauded the soap, writing: “Tonight’s episode was incredible! Totally did not expect Sienna to kill Nico.”

But how will Sienna cope in the aftermath of killing her own daughter? And will she get to bring up granddaughter Victoria?

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