Aidan Turner’s latest revelation may just kill his sex symbol status!

This is not exactly what we wanted to hear...

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Aidan Turner has finally opened up about his personal life.

He has graced our screens in Poldark looking super hot and viewers were even treated to a tender sex scene, but it looks like he’s not as sexy as we all thought.

The star revealed on the red carpet of the GQ Men of the Year award that he is well and truly a mummy’s boy.

Oh man!

Aidan spoke about shooting scenes and his mother’s disapproval on his bad habits.

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He told reporters: “My mum doesn’t like me smoking and I do, at the odd moment, take a cigarette…

“I shouldn’t do that but it’s probably the last of my really bad habits. My mum is not impressed with that at all.”

The Irish actor added: “I have to text her if I’m late coming home. I still do that with my mum when I’m home.

“If I’m staying over I send her a text always. I didn’t do that when I was younger… I’m a very good boy. I behave myself.”

The 33-year-old said: “My mum’s the number one in my life. I make sure she’s looked after. I would never worry her.

He said that despite his heart-throb status women were not screaming his name.

“No never, what the hell is going on? It never happens!” he joked.

Now you’re just being modest Aidan!

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