After refusing to EVER appear on Loose Women again, Charlotte Crosby joined the panel today

Reality star had claimed she was BULLIED on last appearance and it was the worst day of her life

Charlotte Crosby was back on Loose Women today and said she was ready to bury the hatchet after her last disastrous appearance on the show.

You may remember that a while back the Geordie Shore lass fell out with the ladies after she was cruelly grilled on the panel about her surgery.

During the chat, she had revealed that she had decided to have a nose job to get rid of a bump that had bugged her for years.

Even though she said she didn’t need to have the work done, she had decided to go ahead with the procedure regardless as an easy fix.

Charlotte described her appearance with Janet Street Porter as the worst day of her life (Credit: ITV)

This was a red rag to a bull forJanet Street Porter who jumped on Charlotte and began to criticise her decision, demanding to know why she had opted for surgery instead of seeking counselling.

Janet even poked fun at her appearance when they flashed up a picture of her bruised face right after surgery, joking; “Did you have your eyes done at the same time because it certainly looks like it!’

Janet challenged her about why she didn’t have counselling over her unhappiness with her nose (Credit: ITV)

Although it was clear the comments upset her at the time, Charlotte brushed off the remark and went on to talk about having fillers in her lips.

Later she spoke to New magazine and said that her ordeal with he women had been the experience.

“I’ve been on Loose Women and it was a horrible experience” she said.

“I cried before and afterwards, that’s why I wouldn’t go back on.

“It was awful. I was bullied. I’m never going on again in my life. I hated it.”

But today, with a book to promote, Charlotte was back on the panel and said that she was glad to be on the show again.

Charlotte said she wanted to bury the hatchet with Loose Women (credit: ITV)

She said: “I love Loose Women. I had a bit of a bad time the first time I was on.”

When Jane Moore reminded Charlotte that she was going through a bad stage at the time she replied, “Janet said some bad things and I still would have been upset me, but I totally want to bury the hatchet and move on.”

Viewers were up in arms about the quality of the guest on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, while Loose Women producers were no doubt pleased to have Char back on side again, viewers were furious that she and her boyfriend Stephen Bear and been booked on the show in the first place.

Many found the gruff CBB winner irritating and gruff and attacked Loose Women bosses for having them on.

One viewer Colum McCormack Crowe said: “Is that idiot Stephen Bear gone yet? Was hoping to watch the last 15 minutes.”

Another called Kelly Clark raged: ‘Terrible choice of guests… why do we seem to indulge these fame hungry idiots? Losing faith in the programme them.”

Another viewer called Gemma said she found them a “insulting” choice of guests, tweeting; “Its actually insulting to your viewers to have these 2 on.”

Telly watcher Mick added: “A brainless unfunny thug and a girl famous for peeing herself on the telly, they must have been desperate for guests,”  while a viewer called Lisa said she wanted those responsible for booking them “sacked”.

During their rowdy appearance on the show Charlotte and Stephen revealed that Charlotte was moving in to his new pad and they still planned to have ten children at some point.

Please God, NO!