Emmerdale affair to be exposed as scorned wife discovers shock text messages?

The adulterous duo are facing some tough questions

Laurel Thomas was quite put out when she had to confess to her fling with Bob Hope in Emmerdale.

The cleaner – played by actress Charlotte Bellamy in the ITV soap – was forced to come clean when the police suspected she was responsible for murdering Emma Barton.

Brenda will demand to know the truth in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Laurel and Bob’s mistake came as a bolt from the blue (Credit: ITV)

Now, Bob’s wife Brenda is set to suspect the truth and confront Laurel.

After Laurel told the police, she had no choice but to warn Bob that the secret was out, so text him.

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Unfortunately the text exchange between the pair leaves Brenda suspicious.

Spotting the wording of one text, Brenda’s heart breaks and she decides to take action by confronting Laurel.

Taken aback by Brenda’s totally accurate concerns, Laurel denies it flat out and then lies to Brenda to try and put her off the scent, which doesn’t work leaving Brenda with more questions.

The pair have vowed to keep it a secret but Laurel was forced to reveal all (Credit: ITV)
Bob is going to be in a very tricky spot (Credit: ITV)

However, viewers think Brenda’s in for a bigger shock – not to mention Laurel and Bob.

They’re utterly convinced that the brief fling will mean Laurel falling pregnant with a mini Hope.

“Place your bets now on how long before Laurel gets knocked up by Bob #emmerdale,” tweeted one fan.

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Another wrote: “But wait she’ll be pregnant next that seems to be par for the course at the moment.”

And a third added: “Since emmerdale doesn’t recognize safe sex…Laurel will probably get pregnant, right?? I mean…cheating = pregnancy…Right?”

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