Katie Price admits she “needs to know everything” about marriage breakdown and betrayal

She was discussing the collapse of relationships on Loose Women

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We had to feel sorry for Katie Price this lunchtime, as she appeared on the panel of Loose Women – which had been pre-recorded for Bank Holiday.

The panel began discussing whether men or women move on from relationship break-ups faster.

What timing! Yesterday, news broke that Katie’s husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her – and she declared the marriage over.

So it was more than a little heartbreaking to hear her discuss how she behaves when a relationship breaks down on the show.

“I need to know every detail of what they’ve done, it’s just one of those things,” she said.

“I like them to be open with me.

The discussion was pre-recorded but uncomfortable to watch (Credit: ITV)

“I have to know everything.”

When guest Martin Kemp asked Katie if that was because the situation would “eat away at her” if she didn’t know, she replied simply: “Yeah.”

Yesterday we woke up to the news that her Kieran had allegedly been cheating on her again.

The mum-of-five claimed he’d admitted to having it off with their nanny, Nikki Brown, for the past year.

The father of her two youngest kids has form for doing the dirty, of course.

KP, 39, very publicly exposed him for getting it on with her so-called best mate Jane Pountney in 2014.

The former male stripper subsequently had treatment for sex addiction. Seems it didn’t work…

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In her interview with the Sun On Sunday, she said: “I was gutted.

“For a year I was basically paying her to [BLEEP] my husband. 

“They had sex everywhere except in our bedroom, they even did it in the kids’ bathroom.”

She added: “When I confronted him he denied it at first, even when I said she’d admitted it.

“I was crying, asking, ‘How could you do this to me again?'”

But things got a little confusing later on Sunday when Kieran posted a video and picture which suggested they were still close.

In the pic Kieran and Katie are watching the boxing (Credit: Instagram)

In his Instagram story we see two pics of the couple apparently snuggled up on the couch.

We can’t see her face but we know it’s Katie (Credit: Instagram)

In the third part of the story, we see a video clip where we don’t actually see Katie’s face but can apparently hear her distinctive voice saying “see Mayweather” as Kieran filmed McGregor’s pre-fight interview.

We can’t see her face but we can hear her voice in the video clip (Credit: Instagram)

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So, then everyone was left wondering if they’d just had a spat and if everything is already back on track.

Katie has come out on Twitter to clear this up and seems furious that her cheating man is trying to downplay their woes.

She wrote: “My heart is broken. Kieran’s video is fake to make it look like I’m not serious! My story in @TheSunday_Sun is totally TRUE… it’s over.”

From the horse’s mouth. Oh dear. Doubtless there will be more twists to follow.

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