Adam Thomas wants Emmerdale writers to make his character gay!

He wants to experience 'snogging' other men!

It looks like Adam Thomas is wanting to try out something completely different.

The I’m A Celebrity star has revealed that he’s really keen for his character Adam Barton to be written as gay.

The 28-year-old is back on our screens from February and fancies a change…

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Talking to The Sun, he said: “Whoever’s gay seems to get a good storyline so I’m hoping Adam turns gay.

“I’m putting it out there. I’m not bothered about snogging another guy – I love guys.

“I’ve not kissed a guy yet, but there’s a first time for everything. If you’re gonna go there, go there. Life is a celebration. Make each day count as they said in Titanic.”

We’re not sure that is what Titanic’s about Adam, but OK!

In Emmerdale, he’s married to Victoria Barton. We wonder whether they’ll write this into their marriage?!

These comments come a few years after video footage showed him shouting a homophobic slur at student Ricky Platts and his pal in drag,

After the footage came out, Adam – who called the men ‘queers’ – said in a statement: “I deeply apologise for my actions and I am horrified to realise that I have caused offence.”

Tut tut Adam.

The I’m A Celebrity runner-up is currently busy planning for his wedding to his beautiful wife-to-be Caroline Daly.

The family man proposed to her over the Christmas holidays in 2015 and even got his two-year-old son to surprise his best men.

Adam chose his twin brother Scott Thomas, and older brother Ryan. Aw!

Talking to OK! magazine about their engagement, Adam said: “On the day I was going to propose, Caroline described her perfect engagement ring and it was exactly the same as the one I had bought. I thought she’d seen the ring – I was absolutely gutted.”

Well he obviously knows exactly what he likes.

The actor also admitted that he convinced his other half that they were going out for a posh dinner.

He explained: “I was dressed up in a suit! But I couldn’t say anything as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

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Caroline added: “I was gobsmacked – I cried. For a while I couldn’t even speak as I was so choked up.

“It felt like we had been in this bubble. I looked around and Ted was covered head to toe in tomato ketchup.”

Adam also very sweetly said: “We’re perfect together. My life is perfect. I’ve got everything I want right now.”

Let’s just hope he doesn’t leave Caroline for a man!

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