‘Idiotic’ Ryan Thomas branded an irresponsible parent

Actor accused of putting his daughter's safety at risk

The ex-Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas has got into a lot of trouble for sharing videos on Snapchat.

The three clips were of his eight-year-old daughter Scarlett while she was sat in the passenger seat of his car.

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Both of them were snapped belting out a rendition of Michael Bolton’s Fathers and Daughters while driving through a residential area.

He was filming and driving at the same time despite having a string of road offences to his name already!

Road charity campaigners at Brake have shamed Ryan for the careless act.

A spokesman said: “Using your phone while driving is incredibly dangerous and you need to have your hands on the wheel and attention on the road at all times.

“It is estimated that one in five crashes are caused by drivers being distracted. Ryan should be setting a better example to his daughter, and his fans.”

It is not entirely sure where they were filmed but even if it was a quieter area, he still should not have been filming while driving.

One twitter user was fuming with the news: “#Ryanthomas driving AND #Snapchatting…AND with a child in the car…real clever #Idiot”

Ryan, whose brother is Adam currently starring in I’m A Celeb, has been in trouble with the law before.

In 2005 he was caught without a licence and in 2008 he was cuffed and hit with an £80 on-the-spot fine by police for having a drunken wee in a bush after a nightclub gig.

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Oh Ryan! You don’t learn do you?

Little Scarlett, whose mum is Corrie actress Tina O’Brien, was recently announced as the face of the new kidswear campaign for online shop

At least she’s getting more publicity…

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