Love Island's Rosie confronts Adam about keeping a secret

Love Island viewers predict Adam’s shock ‘secret’

Rosie is NOT happy Adam...

Love Island fans have just one question after the latest episode: what on EARTH has Adam done?!

A preview for Tuesday night’s episode promised some seriously major drama between Adam Collard and partner Rosie Williams, that leaves him looking uncomfortable and her in tears.

Love Island's Rosie confronts Adam about keeping a secret
Rosie confronts Adam about his secret (Credit: ITV)

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Love Island narrator Iain Stirling teased: “Is someone hiding a secret?”

Viewers then saw Rosie confronting Adam in front of everyone, asking him: “Do you want to say something about what happened today that maybe you should have had the balls to tell me before?”

Love Island's Rosie confronts Adam about keeping a secret
The group looked shock by the confrontation (Credit: ITV)

Rosie added: “Everyone else knows. You might as well share. The group is waiting.”

She was then seen in tears asking: “I don’t get why I’m not enough for someone.”

Love Island's Rosie confronts Adam about keeping a secret
Rosie was then seen in tears (Credit: ITV)

Annoyingly, we have to wait a few hours to find out exactly what went on in the villa. So eager Love Island viewers have been filling in the blanks while they wait, coming up with theories over the whole situation.

Adam accused of trying it on with Megan?

The most popular theory by far is that Rosie accuses Adam of grafting another girl, with newcomer Megan Barton-Hanson a likely option.

Love Island's Alex talks to Megan before Eyal interrupts
Fans wonder if Adam tried it on with newcomer Megan (Credit: ITV)

Viewers are wondering if Adam’s been caught texting someone else behind Rosie’s back…

Megan arrived in the villa yesterday and was given the chance to ask out three boys on a date: she chose Dr Alex George, Eyal Booker and Niall Aslam.

Has that miffed Adam enough he’d text her to ask why she didn’t pick him?

Adam accused of fancying Hayley?

Other viewers think Adam may have texted Hayley Hughes, who is coupled with Eyal but not in a relationship, making her technically single…

Hayley was dared to lick Adam’s earlobe during a challenge on Monday… could that have sparked feelings?

Some viewers have even gone one step further, suggesting if Adam has got feelings for another girl, maybe he and Rosie will split at the next recoupling and she’ll couple up with Dr Alex George, who fancied her when she arrived at the villa.

That would mean Alex is saved from dumping but Adam’s at risk…

Adam regretting not picking Kendall?

Some viewers have also asked if Adam’s regretting his decision to pair up with Rosie at the last recoupling instead of his original partner, Kendall Rae Knight, who was sent home.

Adam entered the villa late on day one, after the first recoupling, and was given the power to split up an existing couple.

He chose to steal Kendall away from Niall but, after Rosie arrived later on, ditched Kendall in favour of Rosie.

Kendall Rae-Knight on Love Island
Does Adam regret not choosing Kendall? (Credit: ITV)

Adam reveals his, er, real age?

Some viewers have joked Adam’s big secret is that he’s not 22 years old!

(Though, one of his best pals has confirmed that Adam is definitely 22, even if the other islanders have said he acts like someone who is older!)

Is it all hype and nothing at all?!

Some viewers, meanwhile, reckon whatever Adam did, it’s probably been blown out of proportion.

Others wonder if sneaky Love Island bosses have played up something totally minor to get us all excited!

Adam’s done nothing at all!

Some viewers, meanwhile, pointed out innocent until proven guilty and just because Rosie has accused Adam of doing something doesn’t mean he actually did…

Fair point!

Whatever it is, basically everyone has the same thought: bring on 9pm!

How will we ever get through the work day?!

Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2.

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