Coronation Street actor teases a VERY sticky end for Pat Phelan

He's the villain we love to hate, but it's only a matter of time until Pat Phelan gets caught out

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He’s lied, cheated, held Andy Carver hostage, and taken revenge on everyone who’s wronged him. But Connor McIntyre, who plays Coronation Street’s most twisted villain Pat Phelan, has promised viewers that, sooner or later, the evil builder will get what he deserves.

Connor told the Radio Times: “The fans are very cool. They get it. And there’s a certain sense of ownership about it – if you’re a Corrie fan you enjoy your villain. Knowing full well that he’ll inevitably get his comeuppance.”

Who’s next in Phelans firing line? (Credit: ITV)

Connor added: “It’s a very moral universe – and quite right too. The reaction I usually get is, ‘You’re so horrible. We really hate you. But we don’t want them to kill you yet.'”

Is Phelan’s reign of terror coming to an end? (Credit: ITV)

Although we’re glad to hear that Phelan will get his just desserts, it looks like things are going to get much worse before they get better.

Viewers have already seen him hide a loaded gun in the shed at No.11, and he’s all set to take another character hostage.

Speculation is rife about who’s next on Phelan’s hit list. He’s already accused apprentice Seb of secretly plotting with Anna Windass, and there have been plenty of hints that she’s in the firing line. If not Anna, then Seb, Daniel Osbourne, Vinny Ashford and even’s Phelan’s daughter, Nicola Rubinstein could find themselves locked up in his basement.

Viewers have seen Phelan stash a gun (Credit: ITV)

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Connor also told the Radio Times that he found inspiration for his cruel character in Westminster politics. He said: “It’s all about power with Pat. He’s a dangerous narcissist. And he has no capacity for empathy. Now, how many of our current cabinet do you think you could identify as being that personality type? I’ll let the readers make up their own minds about that one.”

So even though Phelan’s likely to be caught out in the end, it looks like there are plenty more twists and turns to come as he’s tipped to be at the centre of Corrie’s most dramatic scenes this Autumn.

We’re going to love every minute!

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