Actor Richard E Grant mugged at cash point during Christmas holiday abroad

What a horrible experience

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Actor Richard E Grant has revealed his frustration after being mugged over a Christmas break in South Africa.

The Withnail and I star shared his annoyance on Twitter after being robbed while visiting a cash point in Cape Town on December 29.

He tweeted a beautiful photo of the scenic landscape along the message: “Feel like a right mug having been mugged at an ATM in Cape Town. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Twitter @RichardEGrant
What a horrible experience (Credit: Twitter @RichardEGrant)

Richard, 60, provided no further details of the incident or whether police are involved.

Fans were quick to rally around him and share their disgust at the experience – and urge Richard not to feel like a “mug” as it wasn’t his fault.

One wrote: “No way!! I’ve been mugged before and it’s horrible. Don’t feel a mug, it’s just about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. No reflection on you. Try to move past it. Hope it hasn’t spoilt your Christmas break.”

Others told Richard the most important thing was his safety.

One fan said: “Most important thing is that you’re ok.”

Another wrote: “Hope you are ok It’s only “stuff “ as long as not hurt/shaken.”

A third added: “Could happen to any of us. As long as you are not hurt the money does not matter. Put it behind you.”

While Richard didn’t reply to any of the messages or provide an update, he did return to Twitter with a happy holiday photo, suggesting he is feeling better.

Posing alongside his daughter Olivia on the beach, he tweeted: “Last day of the hols on Clifton Beach with @ShmiviaGrant to iron out Life’s bumps!”

Twitter @RichardEGrant
Smile! (Credit: Twitter @RichardEGrant)

Richard had shared plenty of beautiful family photos in the run up to his mugging, showing the whole family enjoying the sunshine abroad.

One sweet image showed him with daughter Olivia and his mum on Christmas Day.

Twitter @RichardEGrant
Three generations! (Credit: Twitter @RichardEGrant)

Richard was born in Swaziland and shared a picture on December 21 showing him basking in the great outdoors with the caption: “Ol’Swaziboy happy to be back in his Homeland.”

Twitter @RichardEGrant
What a gorgeous picture! (Credit: Twitter @RichardEGrant)

Richard was most recently seen opposite Hugh Jackman in superhero movie Logan, and alongside Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson in action comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard.