Jeremy Kyle accused of spitting at guest

Things got heated on Friday's show

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A transphobic guest on The Jeremy Kyle show has accused Jezza of spitting at him, after the host branded him ‘vile’ for spewing hatred at his trans sister.

Sophie appeared on the show to confront her brother (Credit: ITV)

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The guest, called Matthew, insisted on calling his sister, Sophie, by her birth name ‘Kyle’ and even said he was ashamed to be her brother.

Sophie had gone on the ITV show in an attempt to build bridges with Matthew – and to stop him making moves on her fiancee.

Sounds a delight, doesn’t he?

After a typical Jezza stand-off, Matthew left the stage, only to be caught up with by the presenter and Sophie in one of the corridors.

Matthew shouted at his sister: “It’s a phase because you’ve done this before.”

Sophie wants her brother to accept her as a women (Credit: ITV)

Sophie responded that she’d actually been forced to go back into hiding because of the abuse she’d received.

She went on to reveal how Matthew had left her vile voicemails, including one where he said he hoped she died in her sleep.

Sophie explained how she and their mum had tried to stop his hatred, warning him they would cut ties if it continued.

A shocked Jeremy then told Matthew that he was the one who should be ashamed of himself, not Sophie.

Jeremy wasn’t impressed with Matthew’s attitude (Credit: ITV)

He went on to praise Sophie for being brave enough to come on the show and confront her brother.

While Jeremy was laying into Matthew for his horrible attitude, the guest started wiping his arms in what appeared to be a gesture of disgust.

Jeremy roared: “What?” and Matthew replied: “You don’t have to spit at us.”

Jezza hit back with: “Well I feel a bit more passionately about this than you do! And I think you should accept and understand.”

Matthew accused Jeremy of spitting at him (Credit: ITV)

But a sulky Matthew wasn’t letting it go. He added: “You’ve sprayed.”

The audience were left stunned, while Jeremy branded him childish.

Later, Matthew made a bit of a faux pas when he claimed he was surprised the host even had a wife. Not missing a beat, Jez swiped back that he doesn’t anymore.

Eventually, it appeared that Matthew saw the error of his ways and actually apologised to Sophie.

He said: “I’m really sorry Sophie, I know that my past behaviour to you hasn’t been appropriate.

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“I would like to try and move forward from this.”

Jeremy stepped in to add that he respected Matthew for saying sorry.