Abz Love’s ex Vicky Fallon warns new girlfriend Chloe Sims ‘he will cheat on you’ in damning video

Things just got ugly

Yesterday the media discovered that Abz Love, from the former boy band 5ive, has been secretly dating TOWIE beauty Chloe Sims.

They hinted at their romance in some cute Instagram snaps, and Chloe is said to be ‘the happiest she’s been in ages’, but the lovers’ bliss might be ruined by a new video posted on YouTube by Abz’s ex Vicky Fallon.

Vicky entitled the video ‘Message for Chloe Sims….’ (Credit: YouTube)

Abz and Vicky started dated in 2009 and split up earlier this year following allegations that he found out she was selling herself on escort websites, which she claims is completely false.

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In a damning new video by Vicky, she warns Chloe “he’s gonna cheat on you” and goes on a rant about her ex and what she claims he did during their relationship.

She started the video by saying: “So I just saw the news that my ex is now dating Chloe Sims. I don’t know her but she seems lovely, successful, beautiful – exactly the sort of victim he likes.”

Abz posted this cute picture of him and Chloe on Instagram yesterday (Credit: Instagram @abzlove)

She gets more and more animated as the video goes on, and although the clip is only 39 seconds long she manages to fit a lot of claims in about Abz.

She continues: “So I just wanted to give Chloe a message, I wanna wish you luck girl because you’re gonna need it okay, if he cheated on me with Russia’s next top model and the [expletive] from Australia, you can be sure as hell he’s gonna cheat on you.”

Vicky then addressed those infamous claims that she sold her body on escort websites, and wholeheartedly denied that it had taken place. She said: “If he sold a story on me claiming that I was a prostitute, not true, you can be sure as hell he’s gonna sell a story on you girl.”

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She then talks in relation to the known fact, that Abz has admitted himself, that he once had an addiction to drugs. “And if he’s spent over £50,000 on drugs you can be sure as hell he’s gonna spend your money on drugs girl. I think you’ve got a keeper there,” she said before winking.

Abz and Vicky were in a relationship for eight years (Credit: FameFlynet UK)

She ends the video by saying: “Not a prostitute” to reiterate that the claims Abz made were completely false.

Clearly the claws are out and this could provoke Abz or Chloe to make a comment in response, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Chloe allegedly started dating Abz two months ago, and they have been seen in public together at events. They have both posted some cute Instagram pictures together, one of which was Abz getting a mud face mask at Chloe’s salon.

A friend of Chloe’s told The Sun: “This is Chloe’s first serious relationship in years. We’d never have put the two of them together but they couldn’t be more perfect. She’s just started telling her friends about it and she’s the happiest we’ve seen her in ages.”