Abbey Clancy reveals she’s about to pop with new baby bump pic

Not long to wait now!

Abbey Clancy has a huge tummy this Easter weekend – and it’s not because she’s eaten too many chocolate eggs!

The model, 33, is of course heavily pregnant with her fourth child, and she celebrated Good Friday by showing off her bump on social media.

Though Abbey – who’s married to footballer Peter Crouch – has a few weeks to wait before the new baby comes along, she told her Instagram followers: “I’m literally about to pop.”

Guess it must feel like that sometimes!

Abbey looked relaxed in the pics, which were taken at her home (Credit: Abbey Clancy/Instagram)

In the images, Abbey is seen relaxing at home in a loose-fitting white overshirt and a pair of sunglasses.

She caresses her baby bump as various children are seen populating the shots.

We say “various” children because it’s not entirely clear if the kids in question are Abbey and Peter’s two daughters – Sophia, seven, and Liberty, three – and son Johnny, one.

At least one of the figures – a baby to Abbey’s left – appears to have been superimposed onto the images. We’re not quite sure why!

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After Johnny’s arrival in January 2018, Abbey insisted that she didn’t want to add to her brood – partly because she’d had some difficulties giving birth to her son.

So when she found out she was pregnant, it came as quite a shock to her and Peter, 38.

Her bump is getting big now! (Credit: Abbey Clancy/Instagram)

“We were, like, how did this even happen?” she told the Mail Online.

“I was on a photoshoot and the photographer, a woman who I work with a lot, said: ‘Your boobs look really big.’

Abbey Clancy and husband Peter Crouch
This will be Abbey and Peter’s fourth child (Credit: Lia Toby/

“And I said: ‘Actually, I was thinking that.’ Then I looked at my diary and thought: ‘Oh no.'”

Despite that, Abbey insists that she’s happy to be expecting again – even if she is a little apprehensive.

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“You know, I do feel very blessed to have a fourth baby and I do think it’s a gift,” she added. “But I was so ill with Johnny, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was in hospital twice on a drip.”

Here’s hoping things go a lot smoother this time.

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