Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch are expecting baby number three…

Model is displaying a tiny hint of bump!

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They have two children together already and now Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch are adding another baby to their gang.

According to The Sun, Abbey is around three months along with their new baby, and told friends while they are on holiday in Majorca. Probably around the point that someone tried to pour her a sangria and it all got a bit awkward.

The couple already have two little girls, six-year-old Sophia Rose and Liberty Rose, two.


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Abbey has been shown with a slightly-rounder-than-normal-but-still-not-as-round-as-ours-after-pasta tummy as she hangs out on a fancy yacht with Peter off the Spanish island.

Peter enjoying snuggles with baby number two (Credit: Instagram)

The model, 31, has been posting pictures from their holiday as well as a video of Peter, 36, diving off the yacht into the sea.

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The Sun quoted a source as saying:  “Abbey and Peter are over the moon.

“Abbey has been quite open about wanting a third child – so they’re happy another is coming along so quickly after Sophia and Liberty.”

Pete’s been exhausted by his second-born (Credit: FameFlynet)

Earlier this year, Abbey said Peter might take a bit more persuading than her to have a third child – because he was a tiny bit shattered.

“I’d love more, but the second one doesn’t sleep at all – she’s up every hour so Pete’s like ‘no more babies just yet’,” she said.

Pregnant and not pregnant, Abbey’s aesthetic perfection (Credit: FameFlynet)

Although Abbey and Peter haven’t addressed the pregnancy directly on their social media yet, fans have still started to add their comments about it.

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One excited fan wrote on one of her Instagram pictures: ‘congratulations!!! Just found out you’re pregnant. 🎉🎉🎉’

Add our congrats there too guys. And if there is any of that sangria left over…

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