A very rude sounding name has viewers of The Chase in hysterics

Annis made a stir online.

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ITV quiz show The Chase often has its host Bradley Walsh in fits of giggles, but this time it was viewers who found themselves laughing – at a contestant’s name.

Annis, a 23-year old management trainee from Cardiff had audiences tweeting about her name and suggesting it sounded similar to annus!

SirCliveTheRed tweeted: “Am I the only person that did not notice that Annis on #TheChase has a slightly childishly rude sounding name? (sic)”

While Bass Monster added: “Wonder if she likes it up the Annis.”

Joking he probably wasn’t the first to make that gag, we really hope he was for Annis’s sake.

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Aside from the ridicule of her name, Annis attracted attention for another reason – that she’s a very pretty girl.

But in a spot of girl power, Annis proved to everyone that she had brains as well as beauty when she went on to bring home £5000 to the team’s pot and made it to the final Chase.

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It’s not the first time the show has hit the headlines after a contestant named Jack claimed Mars was the only planet with human life – not Earth.

And there was also pink-haired Galda Louise who hid from producers that she was actually a topless model.

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