A TV hunk’s ex promises girl-on-girl action in the BB house.

Looks like this summer's Big Brother house is going to get pretty steamy!

It’s not long now until another series of Big Brother launches and it looks like TOWIE’s Kirk Norcross’s porn star ex Gemma Massey is heading into the house.

And while she’s promising to give some eye candy to the lads, they will have to look and not touch.

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The saucepot is dating new boyfriend Gary Taylor (not that being ‘taken’ ever stopped a girl from having fun in the BB beds before) but it sounds like the pair have made a deal.

No boys…but girls are okay.

She’s promising some girl-on-girl action which should lead to some explosive moments!

It’s thought she’ll be heading into the house with a pal next month, as producers pursue their new couples twist.

Gemma knows the deal. Anybody who goes into that house is expected to offer some fireworks.

So her behaviour is expected to go well beyond the limits.

A source says: “Gemma understands this is TV and Big Brother have brought a lot to the table and she doesn’t want to let them down.

“If there is a really hot girl in there Gemma might just be tempted but she’s in a relationship now so unfortunately this year it looks like the guys are out of luck. But I’m sure they will love the eye candy!”

A Big brother insider whispered: “Big Brother’s told them they have no limits on what they’re allowed to do or how they’re allowed to behave.

“Her boyfriend is so laid back, he’s just what she needs. He’s really not bothered.

“Gem’s partial to a bit of girl-on-girl. I don’t think she’ll be holding back.”

“They said to Gemma ‘act as if you’re still in the porn industry’. It’s not a family show so they don’t have to worry about offending viewers.”

Rumour has it Gemma has already passed the psychological tests and “will record her opening night VT later this week”.

The insider added: “There might be someone in the house that she knows, maybe an ex or someone she doesn’t get along with.

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“They were asking her questions like if she came across someone she knew previously would she walk. How she’d handle it.”

No confirmation from Gemma’s people (yes, bizarrely, she has people!). They declined to comment on the rumours. Well…they would, wouldn’t they? Wink wink.