80s pop legend hospitalised after suffering heart attack

The blame has been put on his unhealthy lifestyle

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Eighties pop star David Van Day has been hospitalised after suffering a heart attack.

The Dollar star rode the top of the charts at the height of the duo’s fame in the early Eighties but he is now recovering in hospital after the surprise cardiac arrest.

It came exactly a week after iconic Eighties singer Pete Burns died after a heart attack.

He was suffering from chronic chest pain, so his wife Sue Moxley rushed him to Queens in Romford.

David was then taken to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London for treatment.

Doctors revealed that he had a blocked artery and David underwent an emergency operation.

David has tweeted from the hospital to thank friends and fans for their support during this testing time.

He wrote: “Thanks for all the kind & positive messages i’ve had today i’m hoping to make a speedy recovery so thanks really appreciate your support x. (sic)”

His wife, Sue, has pinned the attack squarely on David’s unhealthy lifestyle.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “He’s not an alcoholic, but he admits he drinks a bit too much and eats more red meat than he should.

“It’s crazy this happened after Pete’s death.”

Hopefully, his eating and drinking habits will be addressed after this warning sign.