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8 things to expect from tonight’s heartbreaking Corrie

You'll need tissues, and plenty of them

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Unless you’ve just flown back from a very remote island with no wi-fi access then you’ll know that tonight is Shayne Ward’s final appearance on Coronation Street.

It’s Aidan’s final episodes tonight (Credit: ITV)

And if you know that then you’ll know that this is because his character Aidan Connor makes the devastating decision to take his own life.

While we don’t want to spoil the episode for you in anyway, it’s pretty tough watching so here’s our little pre-game guide to what will be one of the most talked about pieces of TV in soap history.

You will go on an emotional roller-coaster

It’s not an easy watch (Credit: ITV)

The hardest thing is knowing what Aidan is planning when none of his friends and family do. It makes every single interaction that bit more poignant.

You will plead with your TV

Oh Aidan (Credit: ITV)

Although Aidan’s mind is clearly made up – and has been for some time – you’ll still try to pick out moments where those closest to him could possibly say or do something to stop him. Of course, at this stage there’s probably nothing that could change his mind, but that won’t stop you pleading with everyone he encounters to say something that stops him in his tracks.

You’ll ugly cry

Shayne Ward is amazing throughout (Credit: ITV)

There’s no way to put this nicely, you will wail like a baby with colic. Get some tissues. And then get some more. And then a few more, just to be on the safe side.

You’ll want to grab Aidan through the screen, cuddle him and never let him go

You’ll want to hug him and never let go (Credit: ITV)

Aidan’s pain has been played out super-subtly on-screen with only a few tiny hints at the turmoil he’s been suffering. This ep gives us more of an insight into how he’s been feeling. You’ll want to reach into the telly, hold him to your bosom and tell him it’s all going to be ok.

You’ll want to pour Eva a giant glass of Sauv Blanc

Bless her heart (Credit: ITV)

Because we know what we know but Eva doesn’t know, and the fact she thinks Aidan wants to get back with her, you’ll be wanting to unscrew a lovely bottle of cold vino, and hand her the biggest glass.

You’ll find yourself muttering ‘baby Susie, baby Susie’ through your sobs

Eva and Susie (Credit: ITV)

Again, we don’t want to spoil anything – but the tragedy is almost Shakespearean.

You will absolutely rate Shayne Ward as an actor like you never did before

Shayne is just brilliant (Credit: ITV)

We cannot rave enough about how awesome Shayne is in these episodes. While Aidan’s departure is a terrible loss for Corrie, we think this will pave the way for tonnes more Shayne on our telly. And that cannot be a bad thing. He moves between torment and the mask Aidan has put on so fluidly and believably. Hats off to you, Shayne.

The final shot will get you right in the feels

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We’ll say no more than that. Apart from a huge well done to Shayne and the Corrie team for tackling this difficult and important issue.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal ideation, please call Samaritans for free on 116 123.

Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV