Katie Price responds to pregnancy rumours with shocking photo

Pricey hit back the way she does best!

This gal has never really been the conventional type so it’s no surprise that this happened…

Katie Price wanted to prove she wasn’t pregnant by posting a photo of herself pouting (of course) while holding a box of tampons.

The 38-year-old former glamour model thought that it was the best way of denying the fact she was expecting her sixth child.

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She captioned the pic: “6 months pregnant today 😉 really someone should let the painters know lol”

There were a lot of people that got confused and congratulated her so others had to point out that it was a joke.

One very amused user wrote: “Absolutely busting at some of the comments, how can so many people not ‘get’ it lol.”

Another added: “She’s basically saying there’s a rumour going around that she’s pregnant but her periods are telling her different.”

It’s ironic because it was actually herself who started the rumours when she joked to Rylan on CBB about being “six months pregnant with a swollen clitoris.”

Viewers took to social media pretty much instantly asking if it was true, but Katie’s fans knew she was just making a reference to a leaked sex tape with Dane Bowers 15 years ago.

Old news people!

Talking on Loose Women last year, Katie said she had been looking into adoption.

She explained: “Some people might be like: ‘Well, why do you just want a newborn? Adopting a child, you’re giving it a home anyway.’ Number one; because I’ve got my kids.

“If I had a child of say five, six, seven – this is my opinion and not everyone will agree – if it’s got problems or something I don’t want it to affect my kids, if that makes sense? And newborns… I just love to mother, nurture, I’d want a newborn so it grows up with us.

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“We’ve got five kids, all these animals, what difference is another kid?

“I’ve got 11 bedrooms and they need to be filled,” she added. “I don’t mean that jokingly. There’s so much love in our house anyway. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t feel I could offer the love and support all my kids have.”

Watch this space!