The backstage secrets of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Not everything is as it seems...

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There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of I’m A Celebrity and here are some of the backstage secrets that keep the show going.

Staff are forbidden from giving food to campmates…

Former I’m A Celeb star Jake Quickenden, 30, has revealed that crew members could be fired if they give food to campers and they’re not even allowed to speak to them.

Jake was on the show four years ago (Credit: ITV)

The 2014 runner-up told The Sun“Even when you walk into trials the cameramen don’t speak to you. You are that shut off from the world. I remember asking one of them ‘Do you know what the Man United score was at the weekend?’ and they said ‘Jake we’re not allowed to speak to you.’

“One of them was eating a Tic Tac and I said, ‘Mate, I couldn’t have a Tic Tac could I?’ And he was like ‘ I can’t give you a Tic Tac I’ll get sacked.'”

If the campmates get dizzy and need a boost, it’s medic Dr Bob who comes to the rescue with electrolyte drinks and glucose.

Dr Bob is on hand if he is needed (Credit: ITV)

Plus, there are apparently 150 cameras on celebs at all times. So there really is no place to scoff a Mars bar!

Trials are never filmed twice…

When confused viewers spotted that 37-year-old Holly Willoughby’s top lost its red logo at intervals during Anne Hegerty’s Bushtucker trial, an inside secret was confessed.

A show insider explained her top had to be blacked out because “prominent logos aren’t allowed on screen” and trials are NEVER filmed more than once.

Crew members have to act (sometimes)…

The I’m A Celebrity set always has to look busy and thriving – even if it’s not!

During last night’s Extra Camp, celebrity guests Andi Peters and Olivia Attwood thought that a woman was ‘fake typing’ behind Joe Swash, 36, as he presented a segment of the show.

The woman behind Joe appeared to hover her fingers over the keyboard (Credit: Wenn/ITV)

“Is that girl pretending to type?” cried Andi.

Dummy celebrities are called in…

To make sure things run smoothly once celebs arrive, the show apparently hires a few Australian civilians to test out the camp beforehand!

For three days they eat, sleep and live in the same conditions as our stars to make sure everything goes to plan and there are no hiccups.

The living arrangements are testing in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

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But they probably don’t get the same hefty fee as the VIPs!

Camp uniform is red for a reason…

There is a practical reason behind campmates’ bright red socks, as they’re not exactly fashionable!

The colour was chosen to hide the blood marks from the insect bites the celebrities acquire while living outside. Lovely.

I'm A Celebrity Rita Simons
Actress Rita Simons manages to rock the infamous red socks! (Credit: ITV)

And if that wasn’t enough, campers are only allowed to bring three pairs of pants and three items of swimwear.

No wonder they stink by the end.

A bug factory produces the critters for Bushtucker trials…

With so many insects needed for Bushtucker trials, apparently the show has a factory breeding them.

However, on occasions there haven’t been enough so producers have even paid locals to find creepy crawlies.

Some of the grub on offer during a trial (Credit: ITV)

 According to Medic Bob, half a million bugs were ordered for last year’s series.

Some of the camp is artificial…

As well as some of the camp rocks being made of papier mache, to add to the jungle ambience, the manmade waterfall gets turned off at a certain time of day.

According to Woman’s Own magazine, it gets turned off between 3pm and 6pm, no doubt to save some water! And campmates use biodegradable soaps that are kind to the environment.

The jungle ‘waterfall’ (Credit: ITV)

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