Coronation Street ‘receives 662 complaints’ over Phelan’s violent storylines

Phelan's evil deeds are too much for some

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Coronation Street has reportedly been the subject of 662 complaints from viewers about recent violent scenes.

The much-loved street has been rocked by evil villain Pat Phelan’s killing spree, which has claimed the lives of Andy Carver and Luke Britton, as well as Vinny Ashford, who Phelan forced Andy to kill.

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And because the show airs before the 9pm watershed, the tough scenes have been regarded as too much for some viewers, with reports more than 600 have complained to UK communications regulator, Ofcom.

According to MailOnline, the regulator is assessing a total of 662 complaints made about Phelan and his storylines over the last few months.

But ITV issued a statement back in October, telling Radio Times that Phelan’s dastardly deeds wouldn’t have come as a surprise to loyal viewers.

“Coronation Street has always been recognised for its mix of drama and comedy, as well as hard hitting storylines,” it said.

“Phelan has already been established as a villain in a long line of murderous Coronation Street villains and so his actions, evil though they are, won’t have come as a surprise to viewers.

“In addition the programme is always careful to limit the level of violence actually shown to a minimum to convey the drama and tell the story. And, of course, one day, Phelan will get his comeuppance and justice will be done.”

A soap rep also told MailOnline the programme has responded to Ofcom.

But while some viewers have complained, there are still plenty who are loving the Phelan storyline.

One fan tweeted that he doesn’t want ‘his wrath to end’, and an entire family wore Phelan masks to watch the show in!

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But whether you think it’s too much or you’re glued to your screen, there’s surely only so long that Phelan can get away with it.

We can’t wait to see how he gets what he deserves!

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