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Tuesday 4th August 2020

20 Soap stars that were SACKED

Soap stars come and go throughout their time in the shows but it takes something special to be sacked and written out completely.

Here are 20 that have managed to do this with spectacular effect!

Stephanie Davis - Hollyoaks

Nothing compared to Hollyoaks character Sinead O'Connor but when Stephanie Davis, the actress who played her, arrived on the set 'intoxicated', allegedly under the influence of alcohol, she was given her marching orders.

The Celebrity Big Brother house beckoned and her rollercoaster life has been documented ever since.

Marc Anwar - Coronation Street

The 45-year-old Pakistan-born actor was given the boot from Corrie after he went on a racist Twitter rant about Indians, following a TV report about an incident in Kashmir.

The ITV soap was quick to react and his character, Sharif Nazir, was promptly written out.

Danniella Westbrook - Hollyoaks

Danniella may have made her name playing Sam Mitchell in EastEnders, making a few comebacks to the role, but it was her stint in Channel 4's Hollyoaks that generated the most tabloid headlines.

Her time as Trudy Ryan was cut short when she refused to move to Liverpool due to her ex being in the same vicinity. She was sacked for 'breach of contract'.

Chris Fountain - Coronation Street

It was all going so well for Chris, playing the popular Tommy Duckworth in the Weatherfield soap.

He then decided to make a rap video as The Phantom, in which he glorified rape, and his TV career went up in smoke.

Bruce Jones - Coronation Street

Bruce played the lovable rogue Les Battersby in Corrie, who did all he could to avoid a day's work.

Off-screen he was a little more proactive with his views on his co-stars, as well as leaking the outcome of Tracy Barlow's trial.

Corrie bosses eventually had enough and sacked him from the show, insisting that his character will never return.

Ricky Norwood - EastEnders

Playing Arthur 'Fatboy' Chubb in the BBC soap, Ricky was one of the more popular characters in Walford.

So, it was quite a shock when he was suspended by bosses for allegedly smoking cannabis, while naked, on a Skype video.

He did return but this had tarnished him and he was eventually killed off.

Katie Redford - Coronation Street

There have been many that have been sacked from their role in a soap due to a misdemeanour but Katie managed to get the chop before she even got in front of camera.

She had been advised to say that she was 19, when taking the role of Bethany, the 14-year-old daughter of Sarah Platt.

When the truth came out that Katie was actually 25, her contract was ripped up and Lucy Fallon came in to take the role.

Hollie-Jay Bowes - Hollyoaks

Hollie-Jay played wannabe journalist Michaela McQueen in Hollyoaks but found herself at loggerheads with producers on numerous occasions.

She announced her desire to quit the soap on Twitter following a heated exchange with new producer Paul Marquess.

He got in first though by firing her and having her written out of all future storylines.

Leslie Grantham - EastEnders

Leslie Grantham is one of the most iconic actors that EastEnders has seen. Playing 'Dirty Den' Watts, the landlord of the Queen Vic, he was involved in some of the soap's most memorable storylines.

That didn't stop him from getting the boot after he engaged in some cybersex, sucking his finger 'sexually' on webcam.

He apologised for his "moment's stupidity" for which he was "wholeheartedly ashamed" but it was too little, too late.

Alan Dale - Neighbours

Alan Dale was beamed into UK homes at tea-time when Neighbours became hugely popular in the late 80s.

His Jim Robinson character was synonymous with this period of the soap, until he complained about his $600-a-week wages and got himself fired.

He's had no regrets though as his career has taken off since, starring in NCIS, The O.C. and blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier, to name but a few.

Shane Connor - Neighbours

Shane battled an amphetamine drug habit while playing builder Joe Scully in the Aussie soap.

After receiving a written warning about his addiction, he apologised to fellow cast members but it wasn't enough and he was eventually sacked.

Shane then took the soap's producer, Grundy Television, to court for 'wrongful termination' of his contract as he claimed that he'd kicked the habit.

He eventually won $230,000 in damages when the court ruled in his favour.

Peter Adamson - Coronation Street

Len Fairclough was a Corrie legend until his world came tumbling down in a 1983 child sex abuse scandal brought his 23 year career on the street to an end.

He was cleared of the charges but was still sacked by soap bosses after he sold his story to a newspaper for £110,000.

Luke Tittensor - Emmerdale

Luke was playing Daz Eden in the Yorkshire based soap when he was found guilty of grevious bodily harm following an incident with a 16-year-old in Rochdale.

He was removed from the show and received a nine-month suspended jail sentence for assault.

Jay Laga'aia - Home & Away

New Zealand actor Jay Laga’aia took aim at Home and Away bosses about perceived racism in the Aussie soap, after he was cut from the show.

He complained that Channel Seven couldn't write ethnic minorities into the show and slammed the 'mono-racial content' that was being produced.

Tim Phillips - Neighbours

Tim Phillips was culled from the Neighbours roster after his Daniel Robinson character was deemed 'too negative'.

He has bemoaned the decision to write him out and the injustice of losing his place in the cast because of his character.

Davinia Taylor - Hollyoaks

Davinia Taylor fell foul of Hollyoaks bosses nearly 20 years ago when, according to Digital Spy, she was sacked for 'persistent bad timekeeping'.

She has found some redemption though, as her character Jude Cunningham is making an explosive return.

Let's hope that she arrives on time though!

Michael Muhney - Young & Restless

Michael Muhney was allegedly sacked from US soap Young & Restless for sexually harassing his co-star Hunter King. TMZ reported that he had 'fondled her breasts on two occasions' but he has always denied the accusation, saying that it was "salacious rumours".

Melissa Suffield - EastEnders

Melissa Suffield played Lucy Beale in EastEnders for six years. Soap bosses eventually got tired of her off-screen behaviour and sacked her after a few underage drinking episodes. The 17-year-old hit back at the time saying that it was normal behaviour for her age. She never returned to Walford though.

Soapstars - Emmerdale

ITV ran a TV talent competition to find a new soap family for Emmerdale. The problems arose though when the family began work, with established actors accusing them of only being in it for the fame.

After much furore and threats from acting union Equity, the family were given their marching orders.

Jacklyn Zeman - General Hospital

Jacklyn Zeman was one of the longest-standing soap actresses on US television. She was the star of General Hospital until bosses decided they no longer needed her character.

She recalls: “One day I was there and then it was like, Merry Christmas, you’re fired,’ and an intern came down and handed me all my stuff.

"It was like the death of [character] Bobbie in my heart and soul.”

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