12 excellent reasons that prove staying in on New Year’s Eve rules

Partying begins in the home...

It’s true that by the time New Year’s Eve comes around, you’ve been drinking solidly for a month, eaten ALL the cheese, and you’re as broke as can be. But of course you have to drag yourself outside to have a great time and see the New Year in.

Now we know it’s not socially acceptable to stay in, go to bed at 11pm and miss the whole thing, but here are some very good reasons to consider it.

1. It’s way more expensive than any normal night out

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What is it about a special occasion that makes it reasonable to hike prices up so you’re paying £20 for entry to a dingy pub? It’s daylight robbery is what it is.

2. It’s so busy. So damn busy…


Like shopping the weekend before Christmas, except with pressure to actually enjoy it.

3. And cold

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By now temperatures are just unreasonable.

4. Plus you have to wear something special

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Which definitely doesn’t go with thermals and a knitted roll neck.

5. You HAVE to have the best night EVER

Girls on HBO GIF – Find & Share on GIPHYEveryone knows nights are better when they’re unplanned.

6. You can’t call it a night at 11pm even if you are desperate to

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7. For singles, that countdown to midnight is slow torture

Happy New Year GIF – Find & Share on GIPHYHeavily dependent on the rest of your group of friends having, or not having, a significant other.  But the added politics of meeting someone that night who you might want to see the New Year in with, is pressure no one needs.

8. If you’re not single, the countdown is cringe

Happy GIF – Find & Share on GIPHYIt’s just a big ball of cringe.

9. Fireworks are not worth the freezing or overcrowding

Photography GIF – Find & Share on GIPHYUnless you have a front row seat overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge or a balcony on the Thames.

10. Someone ALWAYS has a meltdown

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What is it about New Year’s Eve that makes tears inevitable? If it’s not someone in your group getting emosh about what they haven’t achieved in a year, or not having met the love of their life/regret over breaking up with said love of life, it’s a stranger you find abandoned on a pavement with vomit in their hair and no idea how to get home. All the build-up, sense of occasion and ‘end of another year’ realisation can be emotional – add three bottles of cava and of course someone will get teary.

11. Getting home is the worst

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Good luck finding a quick and easy way home while you’re freezing and sobering up.

12. The hangover of all hangovers on the day we’re supposed to be turning over a new leaf

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No thanks.