10 reasons why we’ve fallen in love with Joel Dommett

He's been tipped to win this year's I'm A Celeb! Here's why...

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If you needed a reason to watch I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! this year then we have two words for you… Joel. Dommett.

He’s captured the hearts (and sexual organs) of the nation with his handsome looks and cheeky sense of humour.

1. He is SO brave

The 30-year-old climbed a ridiculously high tower for his first trial, and faced his fear while talking himself through it.

“I’m absolutely fine, don’t think about it.

“You’re completely fine Joel, you’re absolutely fine. I’m just chilling,” he said.


2. He is so darn funny

Joel is a comedian, so obviously he’s going to be rather hilarious but watch this…

3. He is not afraid to be silly

He posted this photo on Twitter TRYING to pull an ugly face, but no Joel, you’re probably even more beautiful…

Also, he totally pulls off wearing a giant chicken suit outfit…

4. He took his mum to Wimbledon

Can we get an ‘awwwww’?

Here are mother and son on their way to watch a game of tennis at Wimbledon…

5. He can pull off a beard AND freshly shaven face…

Look at those eyes…

6. As well as being a comic, he’s also been on telly quite a bit

He has appeared in TV series Skins as D.C. Sweeney back in 2010 and also starred in all six episodes of BBC2’s Popatron.

Also, he was a panellist on the music-based game show Bring the Noise in October 2015.

7. He has THE most beautiful body

Just look at him showering himself in the jungle…

*wipes drool from face*

8. His smile could light up the darkest of days…

9. He has the most incredible tattoo

If a guy like that gets pi inked on his arm, it’s pretty much game over for everybody else to be honest.

A HOT geek? Say no more…

10. He’s not afraid to get naked on cam (yes, this is a legit reason)

Joel has admitted that he got catfished into performing a sex act on webcam!

He thought the act was being watched by a girl he met online, but nope! He was horrified when the vid later emerged on the world wide web.

Talking to The Mirror, he said: “It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. It was a long time ago, someone messaged me on Twitter, they were very beautiful looking and we talked back and forth loads.

“I thought I was having Skype sex with somebody but it wasn’t, it was just a video of somebody.”

FYI, there are PLENTY of images of Joel in action.

You’re welcome.