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Thursday 4th June 2020

You can now buy gin-flavoured mayo and spreadable mulled wine

Would you try?

When it comes to Christmas presents, Firebox might just have the ultimate gifts for those who like a tipple or two.

The online company is selling not only gin-flavoured mayonnaise but also spreadable gin and spreadable mulled wine.

Gin Mayo is described as 'addictive' (Credit: Firebox)

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The Gin Mayo, which comes in a 170ml tube, costs £4.99 from Firebox.

The company says of the product: "It sounds a little bit crazy but this gin mayo is downright addictive and, dare we say it, better than the original deal."

It sounds a little bit crazy but this gin mayo is downright addictive.

Designed by the Mossel & Gin restaurant in Amsterdam, the mayo is infused with a real 'lick of gin'.

Firebox says it's ideal with chips, chicken and seafood.

Spreadable Gin is also on sale (Credit: Firebox)

Elsewhere on the site, Firebox is selling spreadable gin, which the company describes as "your new favourite gourmet cocktail ingredient".

Coming in the form of marmalade, the product costs £9.99 per jar.

Firebox says: "No longer confined to a cut-glass tumbler mixed up with tonic water; our booze-infused preserve is one seriously versatile gourmet ingredient – spread it, drink it, bake with it, or gobble it straight out of the jar."

The good news is that all the alcohol is cooked off during the production process so you're left with only the flavour of gin.

Spreadable Mulled Wine is perfect for the festive season (Credit: Firebox)

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Alongside the gin-influenced products, Firebox is also selling something a bit more festive in time for the Christmas season.

Spreadable Mulled Wine once again costs £9.99 per jar and comes in marmalade form.

Firebox says: "Spreadable Mulled Wine does what it says on the jar.

"Marmalade meets red wine and your favourite festive spices in this jar of sticky goodness.

"Unscrew the cap and spread a generous helping of your favourite drink across your toast, pop a spoonful in with your cake batter for a lick of secret flavour, add a measure to your party cocktails, or just eat it straight out of the jar."

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