summer Baileys

You can now buy alcoholic milkshakes and they’re being hailed as the ‘summer Baileys’

They come in three delicious flavours

With sunnier days (hopefully) approaching, we’ve stumbled upon what some are calling the “summer Baileys”.

Here at ED!, we love nothing more than a glass of the dreamy Irish cream liqueur.

And, while the original is most definitely an autumn/winter drink, these newcomers will most definitely fill the empty hole Baileys leaves in our glasses during the warmer months.

Allow us to introduce you to Firebox’s “super delicious” Hard Milkshakes.

summer baileys

They’re only available online and come in three classic diner flavours – except each has a boozy twist.

“They’re super delicious. Kind of like a summer Baileys!” a Firebox rep told ED!.

First on our must-try list is the chocolate, naturally!

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Delve into the silky smooth texture of luxuriously creamy chocolate, with sweet notes of decadent vanilla and a sophisticated alcohol kick,” the blurb reads.

Move over Irish Cream, there’s a new (and far tastier) liqueur in town!

It features all the flavours of a classic diner shake, with a boozy enjoy-at-home twist.

“Move over Irish Cream, there’s a new (and far tastier) liqueur in town!” the website states.

It tastes great over ice, in a coffee or splashed into creamy cocktails and desserts.

Although it sounds so good we’d be tempted to swig it straight from the bottle!

Holiday in a bottle

The banana flavour transports you to a tropical hideaway – without the need for BoJo’s 14-day quarantine.

summer baileys

Transport yourself to the beach with rich banana flavour perfectly balanced with vanilla and a blended dose of cream liqueur goodness,” the rep revealed.

It apparently tastes “absolutely fantastic” served neat on the rocks.

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Last but certainly not least comes another fruity Hard Milkshake.

Introducing strawberry…

It’s a “deliciously decadent version of the classic American diner milkshake, but with a boozy twist. Velvety in texture with candied, fruity strawberry notes and a bold vanilla finish.”

summer baileys

The rep added: “Perfectly blended with a hard dose of cream liqueur goodness, this tasty trio of dairy-filled delights can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in a shot or as the pivotal ingredient of some creamy cocktails.”

Where can I buy them?

All bottles have an ABV of 15% for an “easy-going drinking experience”.

They’re on sale here now for £19.99 each.

Sorry, Baileys who?

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