Woolworths return

Woolworths set to return to the UK high street 11 years after it closed?

Anyone for pick 'n' mix?!

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Rumours are flying that Woolworths could be set to make a return to the British high street, 11 years after the chain closed the last of its stores.

Woolworths, famous for its pick ‘n’ mix sweets, went into administration back in 2008.

As a result, in January 2009, the last of its stores closed.

Woolworths store that has closed down with shutters
Could Woolworths be about to make a return to the British high street? We certainly hope so! (Credit: Splash News)

Who owns the Woolworths name now?

In 2018, former Woolies director Tony Page tried to buy the name in an attempt to relaunch the brand.

His bid, however, was beaten by Very, who now own the name.

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And, while Very has said it hasn’t heard of any plans to resurrect the store, a Woolworths Twitter account has appeared and it’s claiming three “trial” Woolworth stores are set to open in the UK next year.

Posting on UKWoolworths, the first tweet read: “9am today! We have an announcement. #Woolworths.”

Here to save 2020! Woolworths is coming back to your high street, as a physical store!

Sure enough, a few teasing tweets later, the announcement came.

Here to save 2020! Woolworths is coming back to your high street, as a physical store!

“A couple of legal things to get sorted, but we’re full steam ahead at Woolworths HQ.

“We want to get this right, so we need your help, so what do you want at your UK #YourWoolworths?” the tweet read.

‘Three trial stores’

The account later gave more details of the supposed reopening.

“Our return will be via three trial stores, that are being planned to open late 2021.

“Can’t wait to be back!” the tweet read.

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Brits were pretty thrilled to hear the news, with one former staff member even asking for their old job back.

Another said: “Please say there’s going to be one in East London.”

“Hope it has the same feel and restaurant serving the breakfasts,” said another Woolies fan.

“Great news! Loved buying my kids’ clothes and toys from here! And we obviously loved the pick and mix!” said another.

‘Fake news’

However, others branded the announcement “fake news”.

And, sadly, it appears the latter might just be right.

A spokesperson for Very told the Daily Mail: “We own the Woolworths trademark in the UK. The Twitter account UKWoolworths is not connected to The Very Group.”

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