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White chocolate fans thrilled as M&S launches cake-sized Colin the Caterpillar faces for £1

The launch has been hailed as a 'dream come true'

The chunky white chocolate face is by far the best part of an M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Last year, the retailer launched bags of mini Colin the Caterpillar to rave reviews.

However, from today (January 26), Brits will be able to buy a stand-alone cake-sized Colin the Caterpillar white chocolate face.

Yes, Colin’s iconic white chocolate face is now available in its cake-sized form.

And Colin fans are going crazy over the launch.

Colin white chocolate faces
There’s no need to fight over the ‘best bit of the cake’ any more (Credit: M&S)

What do we know about the new giant white chocolate Colin face?

“You can now be face to face with Colin at ANY TIME, no need to wait for a birthday!” an M&S rep revealed.

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They added: “Fighting over his face is set to become a thing of the past!

“I always saved this bit until last! Have to grab some when I see them in store – it was always the best bit of the cake.

“Exactly the same as the cake, Colin’s classic face is made of solid deliciously creamy white chocolate with milk chocolate eyes.”

Not only that, the 40g face only costs a quid!

What have Colin fans said about the launch?

“They look so cute!” said one Colin fan on Instagram.

“Actually debated going to get one right now!” said another.

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“I always saved this bit until last! Have to grab some when I see them in store – it was always the best bit of the cake,” said another.

“OMG OMG OMG!!!!” said another soon-to-be shopper.

“OH MY GOD!!!! Literally all my dreams come true!” declared another.

Colin faces
The white chocolate faces are in store now for £1 (Credit: M&S)

What has Colin said about the launch?

Announcing the news, the caterpillar himself revealed the launch was a result of “a whole lot of love” from fans in lockdown.

Not only that, he teased something very special from himself and “the Mrs” next week.

Colin said: “Since I got so much attention for Colin Mini Faces my head’s got a little bigger, literally!

“I’ve had a whole lot of love from my fans in lockdown and I’m so pleased that they can now enjoy face time with me all year round!

“Stay tuned for more news about me (and the Mrs!) next week!”

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