Lottery -UK couple miss out on jackpot

Top UK Lottery fails as couple miss out on £182m after ticket payment didn’t go through

How unlucky!

A UK couple missed out on a £182million lottery jackpot after their ticket payment didn’t go through.

Rachel Kennedy, 19, and Liam McCrohan, 21, were “heartbroken” when they realised that despite their usual numbers coming up, they hadn’t won.

The couple’s ticket payment had failed to go through.

Lottery couple miss out on jackpot
A couple missed out on winning £182m (Credit: ITV/Instagram @rachelkennedyyx)

Lottery UK: Couple miss out on £182m

The students picked numbers 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, 6 and 11 for five weeks in a row.

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Then, during Friday’s draw, all seven numbers appeared.

Rachel’s account was set up to automatically buy a Euromillions ticket with the usual numbers.

Lottery UK ticket
Player Liam said he’s “heartbroken” (Credit: Pixabay)

However, due to insufficient funds, the payment of the ticket didn’t go through this time.

Rachel told The Sun: “I went on the app and it said ‘Winning Match’ and I thought ‘Oh my god I’ve won.’

“So I called my boyfriend Liam and my mum into the room and they couldn’t believe it either so I was like ‘oh my god I need to call them.'”

However, after calling the number, Rachel was told she hadn’t won the whopping amount because she didn’t have the funds in her account.

Liam admitted he had “kind of spent it in my head already” while Rachel was “relaxed”.

He said: “I was absolutely heartbroken when we heard the man on the phone say we hadn’t actually bought the ticket.”

Liam admitted he was “already picturing our dream house and the dream car” but was “getting a bit carried away”.

Ticket lottery
Many people have suffered lottery fails (Credit: Photo by Simon Belcher/imageBROKER/Shutterstock)

Lottery in the UK: Other fails

It seems Liam and Rachel aren’t the only ones who have suffered from a lottery fail.

Last year, Jacob Simon missed out on winning a £1million EuroMillions jackpot after his girlfriend changed his numbers to a lucky dip.

Jacob’s normal pick of digits would have matched all five main numbers plus one of the two lucky stars.

However, his partner Chantelle swapped the numbers because they had not brought any luck all year.

The plasterer told The Sun last December: “I feel sick. The more I think about it the more I can’t believe it. We haven’t slept at all. We’ve fallen out a bit.”

Fireman misses out on £1.5million

Meanwhile, fireman Mike Boyd missed out on a whopping win because he was busy on a call-out.

Mike was unable to buy his usual ticket because a job he was on was in a village with poor reception.

He told The Sun last year: “I never miss a draw, I was just very unlucky. I’m trying not to dwell on it, but I really could have helped a lot of people.”

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Meanwhile, last April, one lottery player missed out on becoming a millionaire after failing to claim a £1million jackpot.

The player didn’t claim the win before its deadline and it therefore helped fund National Lottery projects across the UK.

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