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Where can I buy toilet roll? The coronavirus outbreak has seen many stores run out of stock

Stockpiling has led to shortages during COVID-19 pandemic

When coronavirus initially hit, the first thing many shoppers decided to stockpile was toilet paper, with many in the UK now asking where can I buy loo roll?

Yes, it appears many Brits were happy to live without essential grocery items such as food, but toilet roll was an absolute must.

Pictures of bare supermarket shelves have fast become the norm, with many shoppers queuing outside stores before they open to stock up on rolls of the tissue.

The scenes shocked the nation – and it also made supermarkets spring into action, imposing the rationing of loo rolls across the board.

unsplash toilet roll tissue paper coronavirus
A lack of toilet roll has caused mass panic buying amid the coronavirus pandemic (Credit: Unsplash)

Already we have heard stories of a blind shopper’s toilet roll being stolen from her shopping trolley.

One ED! reader revealed she had seen someone steal toilet paper from the food bank donation trolley at Sainsbury’s.

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While late-night TV viewers slammed shopping channels for cashing in and selling 40 loo rolls for £80.

So if you are running short, just where can you get your hands on what appears to be Britain’s most-wanted item in this COVID-19 panic?

coronavirus empty supermarket shelves
Supermarkets have introduced toilet roll rationing in a bid to keep their shelves stocked (Credit: Cover Images)

A quick check online shows that Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all have numerous toilet roll brands in stock.

However, getting a delivery slot will be more of a problem – Sainsbury’s, for example, is showing it has no slots for the next three weeks.

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Click and collect could also be an option, but again, this has to be booked to a specific time slot.

If you’re still able to head out and visit the shops, go as soon as it opens in the morning – elderly hour permitting – as stores will restock overnight.

unsplash toilet roll tissue paper coronavirus
Brits have been urged to only buy amid toilet roll panic buying (Credit: Unsplash)

ED! found that branches of the Co-Op and local corner shops also had toilet roll, as well as many of the other essentials some supermarkets are missing.

If you don’t want to risk going out only to arrive at the store and find the toilet roll has sold out, call ahead – customers services will be able to advise you if your local store has some.

Don’t forget high street stores such as Boots and Superdrug, either.

Boots’ pack of four is out of stock online, but it says more stock is coming soon, and some stores do still have it in stock.

People need to stop stockpiling – there’s no shortage.

Toilet roll stock is also being replenished in store and online at Iceland.

Many have suggested using kitchen roll – which is still in stock in many stores – as an alternative to toilet roll.

However, flushing kitchen roll is not recommended as it can clog drains – and emergency drain specialists don’t come cheap!

Donald Trump toilet roll amazon
Toilet roll with President Trump’s face printed on it is on sale online (Credit: Amazon)

If you do get really desperate, a couple of Amazon sellers are offering rolls of loo paper imprinted with Donald Trump’s face for £4.99 plus P&P.

A rep for UK-based toilet roll manufacturer Nova Tissue told inews.co.uk: “You’d think the great British spirit would be people knocking on elderly peoples doors, making sure they can get their essentials… but no, it just seems to have descended into chaos.”

They added: “People definitely need to stop stockpiling – there’s no shortage.”

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